Why You Need an Email Newsletters To Improve Your Sales

In the world of digital marketing and e-commerce, there are thousands of ways to drive more sales to your website such as paid advertising, re-targeting, organic traffic, and many more. Email newsletters are one of the highest-converting marketing methods for driving more sales.

Many businesses do not harness the power of email marketing and only focus on SEO and CPC ads, but this is a mistake. With email marketing, the customer is already expecting you to reach out, and that puts them in a special position where you have a higher chance to convert them.

Let’s start with some statistics related to email marketing to get you going:

  • 92% of adults use email
  • 61% of users prefer to be contacted through email by brands
  • 99% of email users check their emails every day
  • 59% say that marketing emails influence their shopping decisions

This should be enough to drive most people and get them into email marketing. If you still aren’t hooked, read on further down where we’ll take a deeper dive into email marketing and its success rate.

1. Email newsletters make it easy to drive more sales

Emails can cover a very wide variety of topics, you’re not limited to your own products. You can always show your readers some tips on how to better do something related to your product, or you could just mail them your blog posts.

Point is, whatever you do, it’s easier to add your own message to the content as email newsletters are received by customers that already trust you or who willingly signed up to receive them. As opposed to Facebook Ads which are often unsolicited, visitors have to sign up and confirm to receive emails from you.

This is why email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than social media. The average ROI for emails is multiple times higher than that of social media.

People make impulsive decisions, and when you’re already offering them a great product – it’s hard to say no. Adding a call-to-action button at the bottom of your message, a coupon or another special promotion can easily get them over the edge.

2. It allows you to create a connection with your customers

As a business, it’s always important to have a good connection with your customers, and email newsletters are among the best ways to achieve this. It helps to improve brand loyalty and creates an easier communication channel with your customers which you can use to improve your products.

Return Path found in a study that customers want to receive commercial emails from brands they’re loyal to – and it makes sense. Think of the last time you received an email newsletter, did you like it?

If it was sent to you by a brand you like, the newsletter was probably a welcome addition to your mailbox – unlike those pesky spam emails.

Email marketing keeps your customers engaged and thinking of your business at all times throughout the year – without imposing any limits on this.

3. You can generate more traffic to your website

You can produce the greatest content of all – but if the view count is low, you’re not going to make any sales. Email marketing is a great tool to bring more traffic to your website.

Many visitors will come to your website, take a look and then leave once they’ve looked through it or even purchased something. These visitors might not visit your website unless they stumble upon it on Google once again.

However, sending email newsletters can help you get more traffic by getting these customers to click on the link on your website and view your content. You can do this with all types of content too – new products, blog posts, pages, and even with existing content.

Click-through rate – or CTR – averages at around 3% for email marketing. This is much higher than the 0.9% average for Facebook Ads.

Make sure to always include a CTA button in your email to ensure that readers are able to reach your website.

4. Collecting feedback from your customers

Having details on how your business is perceived by customers is a great way to improve the customer experience and make a better product or service.

Email makes it very easy to achieve this. You can use email campaigns to collect customer feedback on your whole business or just a specific product or service. The good thing about using email marketing to do this is that a high percentage of your customers have – in one way or another – already interacted with your business.

It could be a simple survey such as “How likely are you to recommend us to your friends” with a 0 to 10 scale underneath it. You can always create a more detailed survey with more questions – but do not make it overcomplicated.

5. Starting with email newsletters is easier than you think

Many businesses view email marketing as hard work and procrastinate doing it for a long time. Sure, creating a long and in-depth newsletter might be difficult to do, but you don’t have to do it.

The key to ensuring that you always send your newsletters on time is creating a plan and goal for it and sticking to it. Simpler emails are also much easier for customers to read and can ensure that your customers can keep up with you.

Having a simple plan can also allow you to create an email template you can use and just modify it each week – changing the content. This way, your job will be much easier, and it’ll feel like less of a chore and more satisfactory.

Creating lengthy emails can also be useless at times. It does depend on your audience, but metrics show that each next link further down the newsletter has a lower CTR in comparison to the one before it – so perhaps simple emails are the best for you.

Ending thoughts

While you might prefer to focus on a specific kind of marketing because you have more experience with it, it is beneficial to at least test our email marketing.

As we’ve shown in this article, sending regular email newsletters can strengthen your brand and earn you more sales. It’s also very easy to get started and doesn’t come with a large cost.