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Why My Emails Are Not Forwarding

The email has become a vital component of business communications. More than 80% of businesses rely on it for customer acquisition and retention. Many business owners also use email for internal communications. The use of email forwarding in internal communications is prevalent. But with strong spam filters in place, your forwarded emails may not deliver. Do not worry, this happens sometimes when emails are not forwarding. There are steps to solve this problem.

In this post, we’ll discuss why your emails are not forwarding and how to resolve the issue. Let’s dive in.

What is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding is the process of re-sending a received email message to other email accounts. In business deals, executives and business owners have multiple email accounts to communicate with each other and internally within their team. This is particularly true for service agencies as they have separate emails for support, sales, inquiries, etc. This is to make sure that only the specialized person from the concerned department needs to check the email and take action accordingly. 

While this helps with segregating emails, it has a major drawback. You, as the email address owner, will need to check the inboxes of a few email accounts. This can be really time-consuming because you don’t want to go through each mail in the sales department to know how much growth is happening in your business.

To avoid this, you can set-up email forwarding. It enables you to direct important messages delivered to different inboxes to a single inbox. Click here to read more about email forwarding and its benefits.

Why Your Emails Are Not Forwarding?

Now comes the big question. Sometimes, your emails may stop forwarding on its own. In most cases, it happens when you set-up automatic email forwarders. The exact cause can vary, but in most cases, it’s because of an unwanted spam filter triggering. 

This issue is more common when you forward emails to a third-party email service or ISP. The receiving server has most likely marked the forwarded emails as spam, and therefore, has started blocking them. As a result, your emails are not forwarding properly.

Now, you may think that you’ve been forwarding emails for months and years. So, why has this problem arisen out of nowhere? And what should you do next?

Well, email servers nowadays use aggressive email filter tools, and automated emails are always on their target. This is an attempt to block bulk promotional emails to enter your inbox. But like an autoimmune disorder, it may also block your forwarded emails. This is just to make sure that spammers don’t use auto forwarders to send unwanted emails to any person. Therefore, your emails are not forwarding and you are getting this error.

How to Resolve Emails Are Not Forwarding Error?

First things first, stop forwarding your emails to a third-party email provider. You can easily access your POP account from the Webmail browser and configure it to receive forwarded emails on PC. 

If the issue doesn’t resolve, see if you’re receiving a bounce-back notice for the failed forwarded email.

1. Bounce-Back Notice Received

If you’re receiving a bounce-back notice, test your email forwarding. Try manually forwarding a couple of messages from your account to different email addresses. 

If the forwarded emails are being delivered, then there’s certainly a spam filter blocking your messages. In that case, check the spam filter settings of the recipients’ email and make the necessary spam filter changes. 

2. Bounce-Back Notice Not Received

If you’re not receiving a bounce-back notice, your forwarded emails are most likely ending up in the recipient’s spam folder. Check the spam folder for the forwarded messages. If they’re in the spam inbox, simply mark them as “not spam” and move them to the primary inbox. 

If none of the resolutions discussed above work, it could be an issue from your email hosting service provider’s end. In that case, launch a support ticket and discuss your query with your email hosting provider.

That said, it’s critical to choose a reliable email service provider like Eltris, so you can get instant support. With email forwarding becoming more prevalent among business owners, a reputable email client is essential to keep your business communications afloat. Therefore, always go for a trusted email hosting brand so that you don’t need to spend your valuable time on these small issues and you can focus on how to grow your business.


With email service providers readily strengthening their spam filters, the chances of your forwarded emails landing in the spam folder are high. But sometimes, your emails may not end up in the spam folder but simply bounce back. Follow the steps discussed above to resolve emails are not forwarding issue. If it doesn’t help, get in touch with your email service provider. 

Also, don’t forget to check out Eltris. Eltris offers affordable email hosting solutions with seamless email forwarding capabilities. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anything as Eltris will take care of everything.