https for shared hosting

Why HTTPS Is Reliable For Shared Hosting?

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an encrypted version of HTTP, the main protocol used to transfer data over the internet. HTTPS protects communication between the server and the browser from being tampered with and intercepted by hackers. With HTTPS for Shared Hosting, you can enjoy confidentiality, authentication, and integrity. Any website showing a padlock icon on its address bar is using HTTPS. 

There are more reasons to switch to HTTPS for shared hosting, even for a brand new site. HTTPS adoption is growing at a rapid pace as every business wants their customer data to be safe and secure. 

Are you unsure as to whether HTTPS is the right choice for your shared hosting site? Do you need ammo to convince your fellow workers or your boss? Here are a few good reasons to switch to HTTPS for shared hosting. 

HTTPS for Shared Hosting: More Trustworthy for Users

These days, people identify the green lock as a sign of trustworthiness. It shows that the potential customers and the site visitors that you take their privacy seriously. According to Google’s security blog, more than 80% of the sites across the world are using HTTPS by default. 

HTTPS uses SSL/TLS protocol for encrypting communications. Thus, attackers can’t steal data. SSL/TLS also ensures that the server is who it says it is. This prevents impersonations. It stops different kinds of server attacks. 

Some users might be unaware of the benefits of SSL/TLS. But present-day browsers are ascertaining they are aware of a site’s trustworthiness no matter what. Google has already taken the initiative to nudge sites towards incorporating HTTPS many years ago. In fact, the search engine also uses HTTPS as a quality factor. The more secure is a site, the less likely a user will make a mistake by clicking on forged links. 

HTTPS for Shared Hosting provides Improved Security

Without HTTPS, your server is going to be vulnerable to a cyber-attack from a third party posing as a user’s web browser. Surely, you do not want your website or server at risk. However, what’s more important is the privacy, security, and safety of the site visitors. So, it is your responsibility to protect your users. 

Obviously, you don’t want people to suffer at the hands of the hacker or lose sensitive information just because they were navigating your site. This is bad for the visitors but will also damage your reputation. 

So, use some simple security measures to avoid this. To manage your online reputation, you should use HTTPS for shared hosting. This is particularly true if you are collecting sensitive details, such as name, address, banking details, etc. 

Even when you are not processing credit cards, you need to keep user details safe. For instance, if you are collecting medical or health data from the website, you can be violating HIPAA, if you don’t use HTTPS to secure information. 

HTTPS for Shared Hosting Improves Search Engine Ranking

Whenever you are planning to make changes to the site, you need to know your decision can have an effect on the SEO ranking. This is one of the top channels to attract new customers and visitors. 

When you are considering search engines and search engine optimization, your approach’s driving force should be Google. In 2014, Google had already announced that HTTPS for shared hosting is going to be a significant factor in its ranking algorithms. 

It encourages webmasters by saying that it is going to reward sites that use HTTPS. This alone is enough reason to switch to HTTPS. In case you don’t prioritize SEO, you will find it difficult to gather traffic to the site. However, simply switching from HTTP to HTTPS, Google can push you up the search engine ranking ladder. 

HTTPS Authenticates Sites

Users use rideshare apps to avoid getting into an unfamiliar car on faith simply because the driver says that they will reach on time to pick them up. Rather the apps tell them about the driver and the car they drive. Users check the details to ensure that they are getting in the right car.

Similarly, when someone visits a website, they are actually connecting to a faraway system that they don’t have an idea about. They don’t know the people maintaining the sites. An SSL certificate enabling HTTPS is like a driver with information on the rideshare app. 

It can prevent attacks where the attacker is impersonating or spoofing a site, making users believe that they are sites that they were looking for. However, they are actually on a fake site. HTTPS authentication helps a company site to appear legitimate. This can influence the customer’s attitude towards the company. 

Lead Generations and Conversions

In case your site is not using HTTPS for shared hosting, users might be reluctant to navigate to the site. Even if they manage to visit the site, they might not fill out any forms of lead generation. 

Whenever the users have to provide their email address, they are going to hesitate thinking that a third-party site will get access to the information, particularly considering the parties can send them malicious emails showing it is coming from your website. 

Your potential customers will feel more confident filling the form fields and converting to leads. People always fear credit card fraud. Thus, it is your responsibility to let them know that the connection they are accessing is safe. 

With HTTPS for shared hosting, the site visitors enjoy an additional sense of security and feel safe when they complete the purchase process. 

Bottom Line

Now, you know the importance of HTTPS for shared hosting. So, it is time to set up your site. Every site needs to have HTTPS. It is downright essential for a site but especially for an eCommerce company that is looking to build conversions and trust. This is not something that you can ignore. 

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