Why Choose Dedicated Servers Over Cloud Servers?

If you are running a website for your business or planning to launch your website, the only thing you should worry about is the uptime. A reliable uptime with lightning fast speed is a must to have a successful online business. Two types of servers are available in the market i.e. dedicated servers and cloud hosting. Choosing the right one for your business is very important. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated servers are a better choice for starting a new online business as you get independent physical server and resources. Let us see how dedicated servers are better than cloud servers.

Every online business model is different and choosing the best web host is not an easy task. Even a slight delay of 1 second for the page response time will make you lose 7% of your valuable customers and conversions. Even Google has included page speed as the SEO factor while ranking sites on its search engine. Let us check more about dedicated servers and cloud servers.

Dedicated servers

It is a physical server which is purchased independently. Only your business will use the server and no other website will share your resources. In conventional servers, shared servers were used to host multiple websites. Dedicated servers are used by companies which require high level of security, 100% uptime guarantee, and high server capacity.

When you are not sharing the server space with others, all your data is securely present and stored exclusively for your use. It requires regular maintenance and patches to keep your data secure.

Cloud server

The cloud server hosts your website on a virtual environment and not on physical hardware dedicated for your use only. Multiple servers comes together to provide the resources and storage space for your website. This virtual environment is managed by the cloud service provider.

You can increase or decrease the resources as per your needs and requirements in a cloud server. Therefore, you pay only for what you use. Unlike a dedicated server, your website won’t be saved at a physical server. AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean are some of the examples of Cloud servers.

Now let us see why dedicated servers are better than cloud servers.


Dedicated servers perform much better than cloud servers. The level of performance given by a dedicated server can’t be matched by the cloud server. Dedicated servers provide fast data processing and information retrieval. Since all the data is processed locally, you won’t find any lag while the functions are getting performed.

Cloud servers have to pass through the SAN for accessing the data. Then the request also needs to pass through the hypervisor. This extra time adds a certain amount of latency that is not possible to be reduced. Hence, the performance is lower than dedicated server.

Another let down from cloud servers is that the underlying storage and network gets shared between multiple websites. This results in frequent I/O errors. Also, if you want to send huge amount of data to the storage space, you will experience slow network issues in cloud servers. This is because the cloud servers offer higher storage but not fast storage.

Companies looking for CPU intensive load balance features always prefer dedicated servers. This is because dedicated server is entirely reserved for a single website. Therefore, there are no queue requests.

Therefore, dedicated server will always offer a much better experience and positive results than the cloud servers.


This is a major difference between dedicated server and cloud server. You don’t have the authority to check the server’s performance in a cloud server. If there is a bottleneck which is affecting the performance of your website, you can only check the same in a dedicated server but not in a cloud server. Thus, you are relying 100% on the cloud service provider to figure out the issue and fix it.

Dedicated server doesn’t share any resources and thus do not have any underlying hardware issues. Comparatively, cloud servers are more prone to similar glitches.


Nodes used in the dedicates servers are more reliable than cloud servers. In case of cloud servers, the computer node performs all the tasks. If that node fails, the entire workload will fail. It is a complicated thing to set up, maintain, and monitor.


Dedicated servers provide 100% security and it is nearly impossible for a hacker to breach the security set up of a dedicates server. Cloud servers are provide good security but not as much as dedicated servers.


You have full control to customize the dedicated server as per your needs and requirements. But in the case of cloud servers, you have to select predefined packages and can’t customize them.

Conclusion: Dedicated servers are better

Now you must have realized that dedicated servers are better than cloud servers. Businesses can easily customize the dedicated servers and they are the most powerful machines available in the IT industry.

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