What to Consider When Choosing Dedicated Server Provider

There are plenty of dedicated server options available in the market. Companies try to lure customers by compromising on essential features of dedicated servers and offering them cheaper rates. Full control, security and performance are three factors which should be kept in mind while choosing dedicated server provider. While shared hosting involves risk of data breach as multiple users share a common server. This hampers the security feature.

Neither you can be sure that all hosting solutions are using dedicated servers nor all dedicated servers are completely similar. Though it is impossible to check important business features on your own, try choosing dedicated server provider using the best technology. To run your business in a better manner you must be aware about how technology can shape your business going forward.

Dedicated server is completely an individual’s physical server as it is used by only your website and provides secured access. It helps you configure according to your needs and protects the user from data breach through other users. 

Key Factors while choosing dedicated server provider

Operating System

While choosing a dedicated server provider, you must choose an OS which suits your business requirements. Design your applications according to the type of system you are using i.e. Linux or Windows. Also, look whether the software running an application is in accordance with the existing OS or not. 

Hardware Choice- A Costly affair

Dedicated servers are quite costly, so always go for multiple options before selecting hardware for your business. Choose hardware which can increase the performance of the application without making users pay any extra penny.

More choices for hardware give your business capabilities to adapt to any business opportunity. For enhancing speed, many CPU models are available offering a variety of cores.

Size of RAM and capacity of hard disk also matters while choosing dedicated server provider. Ultimately it affects bandwidth and speed. Assessment of Hardware specifications of the dedicated server is must to enhance your website’s performance. If a downtime of fifteen minutes does not have any effect on the operating system of the server then upgradation of CPU can be done. 

Control Panel Options

Control panels help in effective running of applications of business system functions. Though stock control is sufficient to operate across the system but if your business needs more demand, then you can opt for WHM and cPanel operating control panels across the Linux servers.

The Plesk control software can run on both Windows as well as Linux servers that helps in future growth of your business.

Stable Security Features

Data breach and risk of safety can lead to damaging your business opportunities and can invite legal action from the customer. If the server systems working across IT business operations go offline, then you might be at risk of data breach.

Be careful while choosing dedicated server provider as the security factors must be considered your top priority. You can run out of business within 6 months of data breach in your organization. 

Location and physical security are two important factors for choosing a dedicated server provider. Considering application and website security, malware protection, firewalls, DDoS protection is necessary while choosing a dedicated server provider.

Eltris provides an extensive range of dedicated servers with high security.

Server Management

Compatible and easy server management are must before opting for a dedicated server. Application installation, system updates and monitoring of a dedicated server can be well taken care of for a long time. 

It will help you with enhanced business performance and resolving and handling of all the customer queries. 

RAM Requirements

RAM plays a key role in deciding which dedicated server you should go for. With extended RAM requirements in future this becomes more important. RAID1 hard disk configuration is good for data security and accommodation of desired drives. Capacity of a hard disk depends on the type of chassis.

IBM, Dell and HP are big names as far as best hardware components need to be selected for your business. Never compromise on hardware for choosing a cost effective dedicated server.

Backup Service

Dedicated server helps to cope with disaster scenarios backup services. A good dedicated server will give you a perfect combination of storage and backup in case anything fails.

Customer support

Quality of hardware components are a must while looking for good customer support. Technical assistance has to match along with cost effectiveness. Uptime should be 99.99 percent or more while considering quality support services. Technical support tells you about proficiency of the technical team and how well they can handle business tasks and troubleshoot your issues.

Fixing of issues should be done even if your server is down. 24/7 support on email as well as phone support should be available. Automated handling of common issues and problems can be achieved by a specialized IT team. Always go for dedicated server hosts providing support via multiple channels such as email, chat and phone.

Conclusion: Choosing Dedicated Server Provider

Hence, it can be observed that high performance and greater resource availability addressing your growing business requirements are key factors to be considered while choosing a dedicated server host. To improve performance of your business, choose a host who provides you with better data security, desired hardware system, better server management with extensive control panels.

If you want to give only administrator level access then dedicated server should be your choice. Hence, dedicated servers are the best choice to host business solutions with better data storage solution for seamless performance of your business. Get reliable dedicated servers from Eltris today and get the best results for your business.