Security in Web Hosting

What is the Importance of Security in Web Hosting Plans?

Regardless of the type of website you plan on creating, security is the most important thing that needs the attention. When you create a website, a lack of security might result in loss of business and customers. Hence, you need to ensure that the web hosting plan you are choosing offers reliable security. 

What is the Importance of Web Hosting Security?

With the internet turning into the preferred means for people to learn or conduct business, it is becoming full of risks. The internet is accessible to everyone, even hackers. 

For instance, hackers might use high-end technologies to get information about people from the internet and then use the details to claim money or other things. Moreover, there are various other transactions over the internet. So, it is important to pay attention to web hosting security. You should not forget to consider when you choose a web host. 

In case you are still not convinced, take a look at the reasons why your web hosting security is important. 

  1. Precautions: Prevention is always better than cure. When you take precautions, your hosting server will be the least vulnerable. 
  2. Data Backup: It is necessary for a web hosting service to backup data. In case of a server hacking incident, it will prevent data loss. Do it once a week or after an important update. Web hosting providers offer automatic data backup that is integrated into the control panel. So, you can take a backup on a disk that is present on the FTP server. 
  3. Encryption: This is an important factor when it comes to web hosting security. A strong encryption protocol helps in saving the user’s data that is sent between the user’s desktop to the web browser. Thus, users can make secure transactions using their debit or credit card details, address, and name when a web host uses strong SSL encryption. 
  4. Firewall: Firewall tends to block several attacks and threats that come to the browser. Modify the firewall setting for preventing vulnerable IP addresses that can cause the server to be vulnerable. 
  5. Password: Both the website and the hosting provider should change the password. In case the account holder makes an update and uploads software, he/she should also change the password. In case a site becomes vulnerable, the website owner gets a message about password change. 

What are the Web Hosting Security Best Practices?

Now, you know how important web hosting security is. So, how do you keep your site from becoming a victim of distressed situations like this? Don’t worry! For your convenience, we have compiled a list of best practices to ensure hosting security. 


Every company holds crucial or sensitive details on the website. The loss of these details can lead to serious setbacks in regular operations. To solve this problem, almost all hosting companies use backups in their hosting plans. This might be done monthly, weekly, or daily. Usually, the backup is done automatically but there are a few that will let you do it manually. 

There are some web hosts that put a limit on the backed-up data or how frequently it is updated. Generally, the plans with a higher price tag require daily backups. But you should read the terms and conditions. 

Malware Scanning

It is a part of any decent web hosting plan. Some security brands carry out the function for you. Thus, if the site of the web hosting provider flashes a seal of protection from a malware scanning company, it is a sign that the host takes the required measures against malware. Check the rating and find out when the site was scanned last. 

Network Monitoring

It means checking the internet network to look for unusual activities and intrusions regularly. The practice allows the admins to identify an attack attempt. 

Firewall and SSL/TLS

Secure Socket Layers and firewalls are crucial for all web hosting providers. You have to put up a firewall around the server that will protect it from basic cyber-attacks. SSL systems will keep sensitive data safe and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. It can encrypt data during communication between two servers. 

Access Restrictions

The host has to mention the access restriction for the server and other machines in the infrastructure. The system admin and the team’s technician get the security clearance to get access to the devices. If you want, you can white-list the IPs that can access the servers. It will prevent hackers from hacking resources by disabling the privilege to log in at the root level. 

DDoS Attacks Prevention

Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS can disrupt the web service by flooding the resources with overwhelming traffic. So, it is unavailable to the visitors. But you can prevent this by using a firewall. It requires a strong security setup that will prevent intrusion. 

SQLi Prevention

SQL or SQLi injection is a methodology that hackers use to inject rogue code into your site’s coding. This is an old technique that is prevalent in the cyber-crime world. Sites that depend on SQL-based databases tend to be prone to such attacks. Hence, to combat this, your programmer needs to have a cheat sheet. 

Nevertheless, in the world of hosting, the most popular providers prevent SQL injections using their own measures. Mainly, they ascertain regular updates by the firmware, including plugins, themes, and software. Thereafter, they configure the WAP, probe into the vulnerability, and implement cross-site scripting to prevent SQLi occurrences. 

Passwords for Web Hosting

Anyone who has access to the backend of the site should use a strong password. The administrators and staff on the panel should also change the password when a hacking attempt is detected. Use a password strength policy that everyone has to comply with. In case you are unable to come up with a strong password, let the password manager create a complex and unique password for them.

Conclusion: Web Hosting Security

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