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What Is Email Forwarding and How Is it Beneficial?

Managing a business email account isn’t easy. An average person receives around 126 emails per day, and the number is certainly higher for professionals. Besides, most business owners have multiple email accounts, and managing different accounts at a time can be exhausting and time-consuming. Email forwarding is a reliable solution to this problem. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and highly effective in directing emails to and from different email accounts. It can help you save time, money, and efforts. 

Let’s dive into email forwarding and how it can benefit you. 

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding is the process of re-sending a received email message to one or more different email addresses. This feature enables you to direct a message coming to an email address to various addresses. Similarly, it can also be used to converge emails received by different email addresses to one email address. 

Types of email forwarding

You can set it up in two ways: server-based and client-based. In server-based forwarding, your emails are forwarded automatically from an email server. In client-based forwarding, you’ll need to manually forward emails using an email service provider. 

1. Server-based forwarding: Also referred to as redirection, server-based forwarding works over email servers. The domain name in the email address denotes the target servers. These servers don’t have any mailboxes, so they forward messages without making any changes to the envelopes. 

2. Client-based forwarding: In client-based forwarding, you can forward an email message with a mail user agent. In this type of email forwarding, all the message contents, including text and attachments, are preserved and have the original “reply to” and “from” identifiers. 

Benefits of email forwarding

It is an essential aspect of your business communication strategy. If you have multiple email accounts in place, checking each one of them can be a tiring task. Or, if you have one email address but different executives to check the emails, forwarding every email to various recipients can also be time-consuming. It helps you overcome these hurdles. 

Here are the key benefits of having an email forwarding strategy.

1. Easy usability

Email forwarders are easy to set up. With email hosting solutions like Eltris, you can create fully-functional email forwarders in less than a minute. Gone are the days when you had to undergo programming complexities to set up automatic email forwarding. 

2. Redirect incoming email addresses

Businesses usually have different email accounts for various purposes, like sales, customer support, and business inquiries. It’s beneficial to have separate email accounts to avoid emails from piling up in your primary account. 

But keeping an eye on all email accounts can be challenging. You can resolve this hurdle by redirecting emails from different email addresses to your main email account. Doing so will largely increase your communication efficiency, which will help you appear more professional and boost client relations. 

3. Forward emails to a group

Let’s say you’re an HR manager looking for candidates for different departments. When you receive an application, you’ll need to forward it to appropriate department heads, managers, and team leads to streamline the hiring process. Now imagine the amount of work to be done if you receive 100 emails a day. 

With an email forwarder in place, you can set up a single point of contact and redirect the emails to multiple recipients. This also works well for client-centric organizations. If a client sends an inquiry, you can diverge the message to different recipients, such as the project manager and other team members. 

4. Change your email provider easily

You might have your reasons to change your email provider. It could be cost, storage, security, or additional features. But changing an email provider means you’ll need to migrate all your contacts and conversations to the new account. This can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Email forwarders help you avoid this hurdle. When you switch your email provider, you can set up an email forwarder to redirect all the messages delivered to your old email address. This way, you’ll have access to all your previous email information without undergoing a cumbersome migration process. 

5. Save time and money

As discussed, email forwarders allow you to set up email addresses on multiple domains. Thus, you don’t need to set up and manage different email accounts. 

This has two benefits. First, the more email accounts you have, the more mailboxes you’ll need to purchase. By utilizing email forwarders, you can direct all messages to one inbox and cut down your mailbox costs. 

Second, it helps you save time. Having different email addresses means you’ll need to manage each one of them. This will be unproductive and time-consuming. With email forwarders, you’ll have to manage one email account only. 

Some drawbacks 

Though email forwarding can help you save time and money, it has a couple of disadvantages. These include:

1. Unprofessional email sending

You probably want to use email forwarding so you can access your emails in different email addresses from one inbox. This also means that you’ll be responding to all those emails with your main email account. 

Although it’s not a big issue, responding to all emails from a single email account might seem unprofessional to the receiver. Many customers don’t trust emails received from a personal email address. 

2. Risk of spam

A lot of receiver spam settings classify forwarded emails as spams. The chances are that a majority of your forwarded emails may end up in the spam folder. To avoid this, change your MX records accordingly. 

Conclusion: Email forwarding

Setting up email forwarding is easy. Most email hosting providers like Eltris offer a seamless procedure to set up unlimited email forwarders. 

For business entities, domain email forwarding can help direct and monitor emails across a wide range of email addresses. However, it’s essential to pick the right email provider for the best results. 

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