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What is an Email Signature and How to Use it Correctly?

Your email signature is more than your name, title, and contact information. It’s a part of your branding. An alluring signature can make all the difference to whether a recipient acknowledges or ignores your message.

In this guide, we’ll take a close look at email signatures. We’ll discuss the essential elements a signature should have, along with some useful signature design tips. Let’s get started.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is a text that displays at the end of your email message. Once you set your email signature, it will automatically appear towards the end of every email you send. Therefore, it’s also known as the email footer. 

The purpose of an email signature is to give the recipient the basic information about the sender. This includes the name, email address, phone number, or other business contact information. 

Creating a business signature may seem superfluous. In fact, most people don’t even include a custom signature in their emails. But it can make a huge difference in your branding. It is a part of your brand image, which is more than just your name and position.

Elements of a good email signature

The sole purpose is to provide the recipient with the necessary information of the sender. So, as long as your signature tells who you are and who you represent, you’re good to go. But adding some extra elements can truly enhance your signature and take your branding to the next level. 

That said, let’s delve into some essential components a business email signature should have. 

  • Name, title, and company: In any case, your signature should always have your name. If you’re representing a company, make sure to include the company name and your title. 
  • Contact information: In addition to your email address, provide information like your business contact number and website. Including your email address is not necessary because your sender will already be aware of it. 
  • Social links: We all have social profiles. And social media is becoming increasingly popular for business communications. If you have any relevant social profiles, like LinkedIn or Facebook, include them in your signature. However, avoid adding frivolous accounts, like TikTok or Pinterest. 
  • Responsive design: More than 60% of people access emails from a smartphone. Your email signature may look great on a desktop screen, but not so great on a smaller screen. Ensure your signature has a responsive design, so it’s easily accessible by both mobile and desktop users.
  • Logo and photo (optional): Including a logo of your business or company can add to your branding and credibility. Some email signatures even include the image of a sender. If you want your signature to look more visual, having a logo or photo can help.

The best email signature tips

Some email service providers like Eltris offer a myriad of signature templates and design options. However, sometimes this can be overwhelming as you’ll have so much to choose from.

To avoid this, stick to these email signature tips. 

1. Keep it simple

Less is more” applies here. If your signature is too fancy or contains too much information, it can distract your recipient. 

Use a clear, simple email format that provides the necessary information in a simple, minimalistic way.

2. Go social

As discussed, social media is becoming the cornerstone of business communications. 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to support purchase decisions. Therefore, building social media connections can play a pivotal role in nurturing business relationships.

In your signature, be sure to link to your professional account only. For example, if you use Instagram to post cat photos and cooking videos, it’s better to keep it away from your signature. Ideally, including your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts is most suitable. 

3. The right photo

Using an image is optional, but if you use one, make sure it looks professional. Don’t use selfies and strictly avoid group photos. An ideal email signature photo should comply with the following rules.

  • Keep it small and quick to load
  • Have a neutral photo background – black, white, or any subtle color
  • Dress formally and be well-groomed
  • Use a passport-size photo of the upper part of your body

4. Use color wisely

Adding some colors to your signature can help it stand out and draw attention. But going overboard with colors can make your signature look sloppy and childish. 

Use only one color or maximum of two colors that complement each other. Don’t use clashing color combinations like purple and orange. If you’re a creative professional, like a designer, you can get away with brighter colors. Otherwise, stick to subtle tones. 

Lastly, make sure the colors align with your branded materials, like your website, brochures, and business cards. 

5. Go bold with black and white

If signature colors are confusing you, here’s a hack. Opt for a black and white signature. You can either have a black background and white text, or vice versa. Even though flashy colors are becoming increasingly popular, there’s nothing classier, bolder, and crispier than the black-white duo. 

6. Choose the right email provider

Free services like Gmail and Outlook don’t provide many email signature options. If you’re looking to enhance your branding with your signature, opt for dedicated email providers. Eltris, for example, offers more than 50 templates to help you design your perfect corporate email signature.

Wrapping up: What is an email signature

An email signature is simply an email footer that is displayed towards the end of your emails. It includes your basic information, including name, title, company, and contact details.

However, the primary objective of an email signature is branding and credibility. A professional signature communicates trustworthiness. It catches the readers’ eyes and encourages them to respond and take action. 

So, be sure to include a signature the next time you send an email.

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