What Is an Autoresponder and How Does It Help?

The past decade witnessed some mighty revolutions in the marketing space. Most of the marketing things have been automated, including email. Autoresponders have been out for years, but they were initially used as mere programmed machines for sending “thank you” and “welcome emails.” The times have changed, and now, autoresponder is capable of fully managing an email marketing campaign.

In this article, we’ll take a look at autoresponders. We’ll also discuss what autoresponders are and how you can use them to automate your email marketing efforts.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program or service that allows you to reply to emails automatically. It helps you save time by automating your response to all or selected emails. 

Let’s say a new subscriber signed up for your email list. You can either add the new email address in your mailing list, or take a moment and send a thank you note to the new subscriber. 

The second option is always better, because it gives the new subscriber an indication that you recognize and appreciate them. But sending out an email every time a new user signs up can be tiring. 

By enabling an autoresponder, you can automatically send a thank you note once a subscriber opts in for your list. And with triggered and autoresponder emails having a collective open rate of around 75%, automating email responses is something every business should do.

How does an autoresponder work?

At the core, an autoresponder is a program that can send emails automatically. Most autoresponder programs come with customizable settings to give recipients a more personalized experience. Autoresponder-generated emails have a set template, but you can tailor it as per your requirements. 

The most common application of autoresponders is welcome emails sent in response to newsletter signups. When a new subscriber enters his email address, the autoresponder triggers a response and sends an email. You can also configure the content and response time of the automated email to provide a realistic experience to your subscribers. 

Autoresponder programs also allow you to schedule and automate emails, such as newsletters or birthday or anniversary wishes to your subscribers. Some advanced autoresponder programs like Eltris can even enable upselling and cross-selling to automate your sales and marketing operations.

How can autoresponder help your business?

For small businesses, using an autoresponder can make a huge difference in their marketing campaigns. By automating email responses, you can instantly connect with your prospects and customers. Besides, autoresponders also help strengthen your customer service efforts. 

Let’s take a look at some key benefits of using email autoresponders. 

1. Turn visitors into subscribers

One of the best strategies to grow your email list is to offer something of value for free. You can send a free report, an ebook, a free trial, or a free consultation. When a visitor enters his email address, the autoresponder can send him the free item instantly. You can then use the collected emails to continue sending emails. 

2. Build long-term relationships with subscribers

Autoresponders can do more than just sending response emails. You can configure them to schedule a message to a particular subscriber on a selected date and time. Thus, you can send automated birthday and anniversary wishes to your subscribers. This helps you develop meaningful relationships with very little effort. 

3. Continuous, cost-effective marketing

Autoresponders send marketing messages consistently without any need for manual involvement. Therefore, autoresponders can entirely automate your email marketing efforts and provide a high marketing ROI.

4. Easy follow-up

An ineffective follow-up strategy can hurt your business. Businesses often miss out on a few prospects during email marketing campaigns and follow-ups. Autoresponders ensure you don’t miss out on any prospects or customers. 

5. Generate repeat sales

Business owners have a common misconception that customers love trying out new brands. They might try out a couple of new brands once in a while, but most customers prefer staying loyal to a handful of companies. But to generate recurring revenue from customers, you’ll need to constantly contact them. 

With automated messaging, you can send out messages regarding new products and offers to your customers. This way, you can put your business on an autopilot mode and generate consistent revenue. 

6. Get measurable outcomes

Autoresponder programs like Eltris come with powerful tracking tools that help you analyze your campaign performance. You can easily find out which messages are read most by your subscribers, and which aren’t performing well. You can use these analytics to identify trends and tailor your email marketing efforts accordingly.

Email autoresponder tips to follow

If done correctly, email responders can boost customer engagement and drive more sales and revenue. Here are a few email autoresponder tips to follow. 

  • Don’t go overboard: Autoresponders are good only if used occasionally. If you spam your subscribers every day with automated messages, they’ll soon unsubscribe from your email list. 
  • Be relevant: This is pretty much self-explanatory. Make sure the content of your emails is relevant and aligns with the subscribers’ requirements. If they’ve shown interest in Product A, don’t send them offers regarding a completely different Product Q. 
  • Don’t stick to welcome emails: Email autoresponders have come a long way. They’re no longer automated reply machines used to send “thank you” and “welcome” messages. They can now be used to host an array of triggers, such as click and web page visits, to create exciting user journeys. 
  • Stay complaint: With GDPR rules defining data management rules, make sure you’re always on the safer side. Store the subscriber data in secured databases, and allow them to unsubscribe whenever they want to. 


Email autoresponders can add significant value to your business. They can automate your sales and marketing efforts and help you create meaningful relationships with your subscribers. Eltris allows you to set up email autoresponders within 30 seconds.

It’s easy to overdo automatic emails. So, make sure to devise a proper email autoresponder strategy that contributes to your overall business objectives.