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What Are Email Campaigns and How They Are Useful?

Email is the simplest tool for business marketing. Traditionally, emails have helped companies generate billions of dollars in revenue. But on the other hand, most businesses struggle with low email engagement rates. Email campaigns are the core of email marketing. They can help your business thrive and reach new heights. But only if you use them in the right way.

Today, we’ll take a look at email campaigns and how you can use them to grow your business.

What is an email campaign?

An email campaign refers to a series of emails sent to multiple recipients at once. In most cases, email campaigns are used in marketing. Companies send emails to their subscribers, providing high-value content or valuable offers. 

In addition to marketing, email campaigns are also useful in sending out an important message or notice to a large number of recipients. For example, companies inform all their subscribers if they’ve changed their privacy policy. 

Email campaigns are also useful in internal communications. Senior executives use campaigns to send notices and information to multiple employees at one time. In a nutshell, an email campaign is a sequence of emails sent to multiple recipients. These campaigns can either be manual or scheduled.

Benefits: How are email campaigns helpful?

Email campaigns are essential for email marketing. If done correctly, they can offer tangible benefits to your business. Here are some benefits of email campaigns. 

Lower costs

Email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. You don’t need to pay for advertising costs, and you don’t need to incur any print or postage costs. All you need is an email autoresponder system that allows you to create high-performing email campaigns at minimal costs. 

High rate of engagement

You’re able to send emails to your subscribers only because they willingly provided you with their email address. They are already interested in what you have to say, which makes email campaigns highly engaging. 

Although it’s possible to send unsolicited email messages, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid such actions. 

Targeted marketing

Other forms of marketing, like paid advertising, are highly widespread. You’ll get many eyeballs, but most of them won’t be interested in what you offer. This leads to a low ROI. 

As email campaigns are sent only to your subscribers, they guarantee positive outcomes. 

Generate revenue

Email campaigns put your business in an auto-pilot mode. A report from Marketing Week demonstrated that email generates around £29 billion in retail sales every year. 

Email marketing isn’t like other marketing channels where you bombard the prospect with your offer and persuade him through the buyer’s journey. With a compelling pitch and clear call to action, you can drive sales via email with an ROI like no other. 

Easy to set up

Starting an email campaign does not require you to burn the midnight oil. All you need is an email account with a reliable client like Eltris, a subscriber list, and a content strategy. Everything else is automated, so you don’t need to keep checking in on your campaign over and over again. 

Easy to track and measure

Measuring marketing ROI has always been a hurdle for organizations. Deciding upon which metrics to track and how to measure the success of a marketing or advertising campaign is tricky. Thankfully, this is not the case with email campaigns. 

Emails have straightforward metrics. Open rate is the most common, which denotes how many people open your emails. If you’re sending an offer or a sales email, you can simply measure your sales.

Global marketing

Who doesn’t use email, right? If you use other platforms, like social media and search engines, for marketing, your reach gets reduced. For example, some countries don’t use Facebook or Google. But using email is necessary for personal and business communications. Therefore, email campaigns allow you to seamlessly reach a global audience. 

Unparalleled ROI

The email has an ROI of $44 per $1 spent, which is the highest among all marketing channels. If done correctly, email marketing using campaigns can boost your business, grow your brand, and skyrocket your sales.

Email campaign tips to follow

Here are a few tips you should follow for your email marketing campaigns. 

1. Personalize

You’ll often come across the word “personalization” in marketing. Many email marketers think of personalization as merely addressing subscribers by name. 

2. Automate your efforts

Without automation, you’ll not achieve the desired results. Manually sending emails is not only time consuming, but you’ll also miss out intricate details. It’s always better to have a trusted partner to take care of all your marketing needs, and this is where email automation plays a big part. Automating your email campaign not only improves your efficiency but also increases your conversions. 

3. Conduct testing

It is important to know that though email marketing can be highly rewarding, it does not work like a magic wand. If you’re expecting your first email campaign to generate massive sales and revenue, you’re driving on the wrong lane. Email is getting more competitive, and to succeed, you’ll need to constantly improve your efforts. Conduct regular testing, and see what works and what doesn’t. 

4. Cut down promotion

Companies use email for promotion, and it’s good to promote your new products and offers via email. But make sure your entire email campaign doesn’t consist of only promotions. 

The core of email marketing is to provide value to your subscribers. Create a healthy ratio between valuable content and promotion. 80% value and 20% promotion is a good number to get started. 


Email campaigns make up a large portion of marketing efforts for most small businesses. They are cost-effective, easy to create, and have high return potential. 

However, most new business owners and marketers tend to use emails in the wrong way. It’s essential to keep in mind your subscribers’ requirements and create an email campaign strategy accordingly.

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