upgrading to dedicated server hosting

Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting: Things to Consider

Though upgrading to dedicated server hosting seems a good idea but you must consider following questions before opting? Where you want to place your data centre? Where are you going to use the server?  How will you decide if dedicated server hosting is correct for you? These answers will need your immediate response. This article will let you know the importance of data centre location, uses of upgrading to dedicated server hosting and aspects to consider while upgrading hosting.

Who should consider Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting

Let me present you with some use cases for those upgrading to dedicated server hosting.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the most frequent use of dedicated servers. Dedicated servers attract the audience to your website more quickly because of high load speed. Compared with lesser website hosting plans like VPS hosting and shared hosting, a dedicated server offers high-performance, speed and stability.

Data Syncing

A dedicated server allows you to upload files which can be accessed by each device connected to it. It is done via a cloud network, but files are more secure compared to VPNs as only specific devices can be connected to the server. While Data Syncing allows files to be stored for future use (almost like a cabinet) a VPN is used to connect computers.

Game Server Hosting

A dedicated server hosts a multiplayer game, both for beginners as well as a professional gamer. It allows for 24/7 uptime and participation from international friends. Also, your friends can join even when you leave the game.

Communication Services

Sending an email allows it to be intercepted over the internet. A dedicated server can regulate sending and receiving of messages via networked devices. With a dedicated server, you can send Internet Relay Chat messages, encrypt them and keep them away from the public eye.

If you don’t want your employees to use their work email for personal matters then a dedicated server is the solution. You can protect yourself from email virus and malware using a Dedicated server.

Importance of Data Centre Location while Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting

With the advent of high internet speeds and modern servers the importance of geographical location seems unimportant. Even with high-speed internet, you may experience a lag where information exchange is more such as mobile apps.

If the users of data are in far flung areas, then placing servers in multiple locations is a good idea. When the data is kept on dedicated servers in distant locations, then the risk involved in managing data also reduces manifold. Suppose one server is down due to natural calamity or power shortage, then another one can fulfil its function.

Hence, upgrading to dedicated server hosting is useful. 

Where are Your Users?

Would it be better to have servers in multiple locations? Or, does having one, ideally located server better suits your needs and is also budget friendly. All this depends on operating requirements and budget involved in your decision. Will you choose high end specifications, or go for solid entry or mid-range servers situated in multiple locations?

The answers lie into your intended use of the dedicated server. For example, a mail server should run close to the group of users who will access it. On the contrary, a mail server will not use top-level hardware. This results in purchasing hosting for two or more such servers located on different coasts. This results in reduction of lag time and increase in delivery speed. In fact, the results are far better than higher-end hardware situated in a distant Data Centre. To increase backup redundancy for security, multiple server locations are well suited. This also helps in avoiding down time when one server shows up failure.

Alternatively, mobile app infrastructure uses servers closely located to their user base. Eltris Dedicated Servers now offers Data Centres located in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Washington DC. All these Data Centres suit most operational needs.

Is Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting Right For You?

It’s never late for any business to upgrading to dedicated server hosting. In fact, the advantages are manifold. But before making any decision it is important to find the correct platform for your needs and to do basic research. Some advantages of dedicated server hosting are:

Hardware Maintenance

Just like software, a physical server also needs regular maintenance along with repair and regular updating. We simply depend on tech support to fix our problem when the server crashes. But, upgrading to dedicated server hosting, enables good working of your physical server offering a high uptime. This simply means that your website will be back online as quickly as possible even if it crashes.

Software Updates

Dedicated server hosting allows you to quit all worries of regular updating of software. Software companies issue regular updates and patches to repair loopholes in your website. Some of these vulnerabilities could present a great opportunity for hackers to steal your data or crash your system. But upgrading to dedicated server hosting helps you to run all these updates upgrading your website to most current software.

Web Traffic

Traffic spikes lead to a bottleneck effect that slows down speed of your website making loading of pages harder. The ideal load time for your website is 1 to 2 seconds. It drives your visitors away making them think that something is wrong with the site. Dedicated servers are often monitored to ensure proper handling of traffic spikes without major problems taking place with your website.

Data Protection

Imagine that your server crashes taking with it every single file and customer data on your website that has been preserved over years. When you are upgrading to dedicated server hosting, you will get regular back-ups and instant restoring of data. So, all your worries vanish instantly.

Technical Support

Last but not the least, a dedicated server will be cost effective in the long run. This is because you won’t have to hire a full time IT personnel for website maintenance. Instead, upgrading to dedicated server hosting will provide you with 24/7 automatic tech support.


Hacking is an issue of big concern for every website owner. Shared server leads to compromise of security as other sites are using the same server. However, with a dedicated server, you are the one who is using the server. Therefore, you will definitely know that your site is regularly scanned for viruses or not. Also, the site will get protection from DDoS attacks.


With this plethora of information, hopefully you will get an insight into deciding whether or not upgrading to dedicated server hosting is correct for you. Dedicated server hosting is a powerful tool to enhance your web hosting experience. The tools and options provided by it are far better than any other type of hosting solution available.

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