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Tips to Improve Email Deliverability Rate

Email is a very handy and important tool for marketing purposes in an organization. You can get a very high delivery rate by using emails if it gets successfully delivered to the inbox. But if you have not implemented the process by using the optimal approach, you may witness low delivery rates. This will not be a good sign for your business. As per the experts, 95% and higher is considered as a good email deliverability rate.  In this article, we will tell you the most important tips to improve email deliverability rates.

Are Email Delivery and Email Deliverability the same?

When your email message gets accepted by the email service provider, it is called email delivery. But when the email comes directly into the subscriber’s inbox, it is called email deliverability.

It depends on multiple factors if your email will get delivered into the inbox or not. They are IP address reputation, sender reputations, DKIM DNS records, SPF records, etc. Every business wants that the email deliverability rate is very high because then only it will be opened by the recipient.

Some email service providers will also check for a domain blacklist to see if your domain is present in that list or not. If your name is present there, your email will go directly to the SPAM folder and will never reach the inbox. ISPs keep a list of these blacklist domains so that they can keep the users safe from spammers.

Therefore, it becomes very important to follow the tips to improve email deliverability rates. This will increase your engagement rate with the users as the open rates and click rates will increase. Once you follow the best practices, your bounce rate will automatically come down.

Tips to follow to Increase Email Deliverability Rate

Tip #1. Have an up to date mailing list

It is recommended to remove the outdated emails from your mailing list as it will negatively affect your email deliverability rates. Nowadays, ISPs are more concerned towards the user engagement rates rather than only focusing on the spam filters. This helps them to know if the subscribers are interacting with your emails or not. This is considered as a factor to determine if the email should go to the inbox or spam folder.

Because of outdated emails, it may bounce back. This will lead to high bounce rates and hurt your reputation. So, you will not be able to reach out to more users.

To avoid these drawbacks, check your mailing list regularly and remove the subscribers who are not actively engaged.

Tip #2. Let the new subscribers verify their email address

It is possible that the users might mistype their email address while subscribing on your website. This might be due to many reasons like rushing up things, not looking at the screen while typing, or not paying attention. So, it is your responsibility to get the email address verified from the user to avoid negative email deliverability rates. If any person is using someone’s email address to sign up, you can check that too by sending them an email to verify their ownership of the email address. This will help you to have an active and engaged list of subscribers for positive communication.

Tip #3. Avoid attaching more than 1 PDF file in your emails

You might be under the impression that attaching a PDF file in the email will make it easier for your users to check the content. But this might not help. Having too many PDF files will land your email in the spam folder and a lower deliverability rate. If they are necessary to include, find a way to write the content in the body of the email.

Tip #4. Use a reliable email hosting company

You might be doing everything right but still your emails are not reaching the inbox of your subscribers. You might be thinking what am I doing wrong? The answer is very simple. You should use a reliable and reputed email hosting company so that your emails are not blacklisted or counted as spam content.

A good email hosting company like Eltris will provide you a dedicated IP address to improve email deliverability rates. If you don’t send frequent emails and only use it 2-3 times per month, you can go for a shared IP address as well. THe IP reputation plays a very important role while sending emails.

Tip #5. Create a mailing list instead of sending individual emails

It is time consuming to send individual emails to everyone in your contacts list. It is recommended to use a mailing list instead so that you can send the email to multiple users in a single click. You should create a mailing list of up to 5,000 recipients and use it to send the emails. A good email hosting service will provide an option to create a mailing list. It is very simple to create a mailing list in Eltris and only takes a few minutes.

Conclusion: Email Deliverability Rate

It is all about having a great email deliverability rate for your business. It makes sure that your emails are going to the inbox of your recipients. For this, you need to prove to the ISPs that you are using a reliable email service. If you use a reliable email hosting like Eltris, you can be sure to get positive interactions from your customers as the email deliverability rates will be higher.

Having an up-to-date mailing list, adding valuable content for your customers, and not attacking too many PDF files will lay a solid foundation for your emails. This will help you to grow your business without worrying about the email deliverability rates.