Choosing a Dedicated Server

Things to Ponder While Choosing a Dedicated Server

Do you have any idea what a Dedicated Server is? It is a server where you get 100% access to all the resources. This feature increases your page load speed and is suitable for peak traffic handling. It hosts only a single user website on the physical server. Before choosing a dedicated server, ponder over a few questions discussed in this article. Your digital experience is totally dependent on the type of plan and the hosting provider chosen by you. Halt your purchase until you go through these detailed guidelines.

Choosing a dedicated server: Budget constraints

You have to consider both sides of the coin. Either you can save money with a less costly plan offering limited resources or compromise on downtime cost due to cheaper plans. With heavy traffic and lots of information at your hand,  a Dedicated Server sounds like a good option to opt for. Before choosing a dedicated server, the foremost thing which should come to your mind is the type of investment that you desire to make.

It’s true that one-size doesn’t fit all. Many variables help in choosing the best hosting plans. Clear your confusions about which level of plan is correct for you by checking out the details to look after before choosing your hosting plan.

What is the duration of being in this business? Is the Host a reputed one?

Firstly, do industry research, considering variables like security, speed, support, and uptime. After having a clear idea about investment, start considering your options of available hosting providers. Reviews play a key role in deciding about what the real users have to say about the service provider. With a trusted and reliable dedicated server provider like Eltris, you will find 100% positive reviews from the users.

What backups are included? Should I opt for cloud storage, local or both?

Always research this information when going through different plans. Backup data is essential for any business plan. As backup data can be lost accidentally therefore including backups in your hosting plans is very important.

Choosing a dedicated server: What CPU is good for me ?

The CPU is an important part of the dedicated server. It handles heavy traffic and requests on larger sites. By handling the processes and requests, the site remains available to visitors. Consider the amount of traffic coming on your site and whether you need to get a large CPU for maintaining speed and requests. A multi-core processor can be opted for if frequent heavy traffic is observed. 

Number of Cores needed?

Processing power as well as granting of requests by CPU is decided by the number of cores it possesses. The number of cores needed will be determined by the dynamic elements present on your site. Buying a CPU with multiple cores is advisable for you if your site is active and experiences peak traffic. 

Do I have to  handle large numbers of users simultaneously or faster page load speeds? (Clock speed v/s Cores)?

The amount of Cores vs Clock speed is affected by the amount of traffic experienced. Also,it is affected by whether you want to offer greater experience to limited users. Heavy traffic requires more no.of cores whereas better experience with less traffic needs more clock speed.

Do I want the latest technology with a high loading speed (NVMe)?

For continuous traffic and greater user experience speed is vital. Go for the latest technology and maintain customer loyalty.

Choosing a dedicated server: Can I shift from my current hosting solutions?

Eltris Hosting allows free migrations .Always check out migration features if you are choosing from more than one hosting company. If you want your website to be working effectively and efficiently, shifting to more than one hosting company can be an advantage. This minimizes downtime.

Choosing a dedicated server: Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Managed hosting sounds great for those who lack time for handling back end support and need experts for effective running of their websites. Check out the details of Eltris Dedicated Servers.

These questions will help you decide:

How  to keep your server safe? (  Best practices, scans, firewalls etc.)

Who will handle your software configs and security?

Security measures like firewalls and scans must be followed by the companies.

Choosing a dedicated server: Support offered

Eltris Hosting gives round the clock support. The support is provided by phone call, chat and email tickets. Also, the knowledge base and advice provides you with many solutions and tips. While choosing a dedicated server, check the hosting provider support as you may need it round the corner, even at odd hours of midnight.

How many resources are enough? Can I scale my server later?

Research before you act. It means get all the information of your hosting provider beforehand. Can they upgrade you when you plan to expand your business? Are they growing with you? Can your larger plans fit into the services offered by them? Few important things to ponder are: 


Are there SSD memory options to retrieve data faster? Go through all the storage options. You may need more memory if you plan to go for a big plan in near future.

Bandwidth Allocation

The rate of  transferring data is termed a s bandwidth. It affects the loading speed of your website page better. So, the information on your site loads in a matter of seconds. In case your site experiences heavy traffic every now and then, please go for more bandwidth.

Is the Control Panel necessary?

Control panels play an important role in organizing your website backend. Consider adding it to your plan.

Choosing a dedicated server: Conclusion

It’s not easy to choose the right dedicated hosting plan for your growing business. It can be a  challenge in itself. However, It will lay a sturdy foundation in growth of your business if you opt for the correct one. Check out Eltris Dedicated Servers today and select the plan that suits your needs. Eltris offers customized plans to suit various business requirements, therefore, choosing a dedicated server is easy.