RAM and dedicated server

RAM and Dedicated Servers: Boosting Your Server Speed

Let’s be clear about one thing that site speed is a crucial factor for those visiting your site. Apart from SEO and rankings, it is the users who get affected by the speed of your site. A high bounce rate and no real value addition can be the result of a slow loading site. This eventually affects social media sharing, user activity profile, links, etc. The results can be overwhelming and can cause a huge loss in ranking after a few seconds of delay. Market is flooded with multiple options of RAM hardware for your dedicated server, choosing the correct one takes a lot of effort.

So, the questions which arises are:

  • How much server RAM do you require? 
  • Which CPU is best for you? 
  • Do you need a remote KVM for accessing your system? 

Not to forget the actual amount of RAM required by you in a dedicated server. All these parameters make your decision more tough. It’s an old adage to add as much RAM as possible for quick performance in a dedicated server. But how much is going to be enough that has to be decided. As server RAM upgrades are never offered for free, always check your needs and budget before opting for any RAM in a dedicated server.

RAM and Performance in Dedicated Server

Let’s begin with the thought of how RAM actually affects a server’s performance. In short, it acts like a buffer memory, storing data obtained from the hard drive for quick access. It “forgets” the older memory and obtains the new data from the drive as soon as other data is needed. You need it to have the CPU access the hard drive during this process. This creates a lag while locating the data on the hard drive. It also increases the computing power of the CPU.

If data is fetched directly from RAM, then the execution becomes faster in a dedicated server. The pace of things increases as more RAM reduces the access time of the server from the hard drive.

How Does a Dedicated Server Increase Site speed?

If you need hosting for a single website, you might rent a specific space, say, 1 gigabyte from a server that might be hosting  hundreds of other websites.

These additional websites eat up bandwidth, memory and disk space. For attaining high profits and business growth, the owner of the site would allocate limits to each site for smooth functioning of all the websites. 

The server offers you unseen sanction. You get a limited disk space, bandwidth and processing memory. Though it is perfectly fine when you are starting out your business, but in the growing phase it is going to hinder your performance. In the long run you can’t just settle for less, you need to boost your performance and functionality. Hence, the answer to all your needs is a dedicated server for running your website at optimum speed. This will also include more bandwidth, more space and more memory.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

The question remains still unanswered as to how much RAM you actually need in a dedicated server. You must know the balance between your budget, actual needs and performance needed. Always consider performance with the amount of RAM the system has.

Operating System

The choice of operating system plays an important role in deciding the amount of RAM you require. The operating system provides the software based upon which all other elements of hardware will work.  Most modern operating systems have minimum RAM requirements. These operating systems have been tried and tested. They can operate at highest efficiency with minimum hardware specifications. This helps you in deciding the minimum amount of RAM in a dedicated server.

Content Management System

It is not necessary that every dedicated server will be using a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, or WordPress. But if your system is using it then your RAM requirements are definitely more than the one not using it. As the CMS uses RAM while operating, it will increase your RAM needs further to perform other functions on the same server. There is no rule as such for adding RAM depending upon your choice of CMS. 

Control Panel

A control panel will need some memory assets for its operation. Many users skip a control panel to save memory drain and performance. Yet you need these programs for specific operations such as hosting multiple clients from a single server.

Static or Dynamic Content

A dedicated server hosting using a lot of dynamic content will require more RAM. Instead, a set-it-and-forget-it operation will definitely decrease your memory requirements.


Applications such as firewall, email and anti-virus utilize considerable space in the memory of dedicated servers as they are stacked on top of operating systems. Thus, it increases your Ram requirements.


As the website traffic increases, you need more RAM to load pages for serving more users. It is one of the biggest determining factors for RAM usage. The greater the number of users, the requirements of RAM increases manifold.


This feature definitely reduces your system’s memory requirements if you are using an appropriate set up. If your cache configuration is proper and using a proxy server, it will surely reduce RAM usage and improve system performance. This option has benefitted many dedicated server operators. It is ideal for static sites. However, always compare the cost of RAM against your budget and maintain a balance between the two. Caching increases your expenses so be careful before choosing. Sometimes, it is well suitable for both cache and additional RAM requirements.

Conclusion: RAM in Dedicated Server

It is evident that your dedicated server’s performance will decide how much RAM will be suited for you in a dedicated server. While choosing a RAM is more dependent on your financial budget and not too much on performance perspective. So, a balance has to be there between your financial situation and the performance you expect. Always choose the optimum solution satisfying your needs.

If you are still in confusion, please go through dedicated server options, visit Eltris Dedicated Servers page and choose the one which suits you best.