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Professional Emails: Do you need them?

Email – many of us think it’s this outdated technology that has been replaced by chat applications and calls. But if you are running a business – or working in any kind of professional environment, you know exactly how wrong many of us are. Electronic mail is a protocol which exists for more than 50 years – it’s possibly the oldest piece of software we still use today. But due to its reliability, email is still being widely used, and the usage is growing. Professional emails are the same – but for businesses.

In the US, the average worker spends 28% of their time reading and responding to emails – despite other methods of communication such as Slack being available at the same time.

As a business, it’s important to have great branding and professional custom domain emails are just that – branding.

Benefits of Professional Emails

Professional emails can get you closer to your business goals, and help you acquire more customers through your branding.

1. Professional emails help you build trust

Trust is an important aspect of a business. Whether you’re working B2B or B2C, the more your customers trust you, the more they’ll talk about you, and your word-of-mouth referred customers will rise.

If you are sending out emails such as newsletters from your website, other than looking unprofessional when sending from a address, you are also not able to configure anti-spoofing.

This means that any messages sent from your website’s server, are going to trigger spam and phishing warnings and will most likely be delivered to the Spam folder.

2. Professional emails help you generate more leads

To connect to the above topic on newsletters – sending out newsletters, other than looking more professional also promotes better lead generation.

Newsletters or product notifications are not always going to sell. In fact, you should look at all your email contacts as leads. This means that the people on your mailing list are one step closer to purchasing.

Email marketing has a high conversion rate as opposed to other means of marketing. A well-crafted email campaign can convert many of your leads into customers. Due to this, you need to ensure every part of your email campaign is perfect, and having a custom domain is an important part of this equation.

3. Professional emails help you ensure consistency across channels

Consistency is key when it comes to business, and a custom domain email helps you achieve just that.

Let’s say your business is called “Lauren’s Ice Cream”, and your website Customers are getting acquainted with the name, and when they receive an email from, this will immediately raise some suspicion.

By using a custom domain address, it makes it easier for your customers to recognize that a message is actually coming from you.

4. Professional emails are cheap to purchase and maintain

While this is not a direct benefit of professional emails, it helps to know that emails are not expensive and cost a few dollars per user at most. The most popular providers such as Google or Microsoft do charge a bit more, however, there are less popular options with cheaper prices.

With Eltris Website Hosting, you get to create free emails with all of our hosting plans – at no additional cost to you. You can use the email from the web panel, or add it to your favorite email client on your computer and your phone.

5. Professional emails make you feel proud to share your email

This might sound silly, but sharing and is not the same experience, even for the email owner. When sharing your Gmail address, you are essentially advertising, however, when sharing your custom domain address, you are doing marketing for yourself.

If anyone were to visit the domain at the end of your email address, your website is what should open up – especially for businesses that operate online.

How to create a professional email?

Email hosting is a large part of web services as it’s a requirement for most businesses that choose to create a website for their company. Due to this most hosting companies do offer email hosting.

In essence, Email Hosting is – similar to website hosting – a service in which the provider rents out servers and resources to customers for hosting and managing their email addresses.

However, email hosting is much different from web hosting. It involves monitoring IP addresses to ensure they’re not on any blacklist, and it requires proactive abuse tracking to ensure the people hosting their email are not sending any spam and causing messages for everyone to end up in spam.

With Eltris hosting, it’s very easy to create your email address. Once you log in to cPanel, you can search for “Email Accounts”, then open up the app.

You can also do this process through the Client Area, we have a guide for how to create your emails here.

Does a custom domain email really make a difference?

The short answer is yes, it really does make a difference.

Having a branded email address will tell the world that you’re proud to tell everyone about your business, increase the trust in your customers (without doing anything special), and ensure you’re consistent across marketing channels.

It allows you to take better control of your brand’s reputation and ensure it is going in the right direction.

Custom domain emails are also not expensive, with Eltris website hosting, you can get custom domain emails for free – at no additional cost.