Privacy Guarantee and Transparency Report

Learn how Eltris protects your privacy. The statements below apply to every web and email hosting account. You can also find our transparency report on this page.

All customers’ data are encrypted in transit. You can only connect to our servers via secure channels (e.g. using TLS, SSH).

All customers’ data are encrypted at rest. There is a two-layer encryption: on hypervisor and OS level. Data centers, big tech companies (like Google) and others don’t have access to your data.

Customers’ data are always backed up in two other jurisdictions across the world.

Eltris doesn’t sell your data to anyone and doesn’t access your account unless you explicitly request troubleshooting or ask to fix a problem.

Eltris doesn’t disclose customer data to anyone, including authorities, unless we learn there is a court order related to a serious offence (like terrorism or paedophilia).

Physical location of data doesn’t affect your privacy. For example, the data located in the US are as protected as the data located in the EU or Asia.

Eltris is a group of offshore companies. We are located outside the countries where our servers physically are. This provides elevated privacy protection compared to a local web hosting company in your country.

Transparency Report

Eltris is one of the few hosting companies in the world that publishes transparency reports. Transparency report is a report of how many times authorities requested the information from us and how many times we disclosed the information.

If Eltris receives a court order that confirms our customer is a terror or paedophile suspect, we may disclose everything we know about the customer to the relevant authorities.

The report is updated in January and July every year. Next update: January 2023.