Our stance on Russia-Ukraine crisis

We are deeply sorry to hear about the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Unlike many other network and hosting companies around the world, we do not suspend providing services in Russia or Belarus, and we don’t have plans to do so.

Eltris, as an independent hosting provider, hosts numerous news websites and resources related to free speech. We believe that we shouldn’t cut off Russian and Belorussian people from free speech.

As Mikhail Klimarev, executive director of the Internet Protection Society said in a recent Washington Post interview:

If you turn off the Internet in Russia, then this means cutting off 140 million people from at least some truthful information. As long as the Internet exists, people can find out the truth. There will be no Internet — all people in Russia will only listen to propaganda.

Since the start of this conflict, we have seen Russians protest against their government’s actions. There are also reports of military units surrendering without a fight and sabotaging their vehicles and weaponry. It is clear that many of the Russian people oppose this war as strongly as the rest of the world. To cut them off from information and their ability to share their experiences could have an adverse effect on the undercurrent of pro-Ukrainian and anti-war sentiment.

All our services are available and accessible in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, and we will continue to make sure the services are available to everybody regardless of a person’s country, nationality, or political views. We believe in true tolerance, and these are the values we stand for.

We do not depend on public clouds or IT huge players. That gives us the freedom to take up our own stance instead of just following the political rhetoric.

Despite we won’t cut off people living in Russia and Belarus from accessing the resources we host, Eltris stands with Ukraine! 🇺🇦