protect yourself from email virus

How to Protect Yourself from Email Virus and Malware

In today’s modern and fast moving world, hackers are finding new ways to install email virus and malware in your device to gain unauthorized access. Even the top rated firewalls and antivirus softwares are not able to 100% protect you from these constantly emerging email virus and malware threats. In fact, phishing attacks are responsible for more than 80% security breaches. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand how to protect yourself from email virus and malware.

But let us first understand what an email virus is and how it enters your computer.

What is Email Virus?

An email virus is a malicious code that is copied into the email message and then sent to thousands of email users randomly. Once you open the email attachment or click on a suspicious link present in the email, the virus gets activated and enters your computer without your knowledge. Although you have not given your consent to install anything in your computer or phone while opening the attachment, the malicious code tricks you and gets installed in the background.

There are various types of email virus and malware like Ransomware, Phishing, Spoofing, Spams, and Key loggers.

How email virus and malware is distributed?

There are various ways to distribute these malicious email viruses. They can be in the form of phishing emails where you will be redirected to compromised and fake bank websites that are unsafe. Once you enter your login details there, it will show you a popup saying “Congrats, we have successfully verified your details”, or something similar so that you don’t notice anything suspicious. But in reality, they have tricked you and got your credentials for your internet banking.

Another way to distribute email virus is by inserting in the attachment file in the form of an executable file having extensions like exe, dll, js, pif, and scr. Once you click on these files, it will install the email virus on your computer.

Now you must be wondering how you can protect yourself from email viruses. It’s very simple to identify an email virus by checking the subject line of the email message. It will make no sense at all or will be sent from an unknown email address that you don’t recognize. So, you should avoid opening such emails or clicking on any links present in the email.

Now we will discuss the best practices to protect yourself from email virus and malware if you are handling emails messages on a regular basis.

Best Practices to Protect Yourself from Email Virus

  1. Avoid opening or clicking on potentially suspicious links and attachments present in the email messages sent by unknown persons.
  2. Never reveal your login details in a link sent on email message to verify your identity or claim a prize. Always check the website name as it will be a fake name. Real websites will never ask you to provide the login details.
  3. Do not provide your email id to unknown persons. Otherwise, they will keep sending you spam emails and try to gain unauthorized access to your account.
  4. Check for any suspicious attachments like pdf files or images that are not relevant to you. Refrain from opening such files.
  5. Make sure that your email is not set to download the attachments automatically. This will create a big problem. Always choose the manual download option so that you can first check if the email is genuine or not.
  6. Do not forward or reply to unknown emails. Only reply back to those emails that you find legitimate. This helps in keeping your mailbox safe from spammers.
  7. Always do a text preview of the email before opening the attachments. You can preview the content to see if it is actually relevant to you or not. Most hackers and spammers send bulk emails and it will not be a personalized message.
  8. Use a cloud based email hosting service that provides full control for your email account and offers protection from email virus and malware.

How Eltris Can Help

Eltris provides the best email hosting service that protects you from email virus and malware by deleting spam messages containing viruses. It uses advanced spam filters and latest antivirus to scan all the incoming as well as outgoing mails. Therefore, you are always protected from email virus.

Here are the benefits of using Eltris for your business email.

  1. Complete end to end protection with multi-layered security and advanced resilient protection.
  2. Prevents email virus and malware from reaching your mailbox.
  3. Fast access and search using an SSD storage system. Supports all email protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP.
  4. Easy setup, tight security, and centrally managed cloud based email hosting. Provides you unlimited email accounts.
  5. Friendly customer support to address your issues in a timely manner. Therefore, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about email security.
  6. Automatic backup every 6 hours so that you can restore any email accidentally deleted by you. No need to worry about deleted emails.


You should always keep security as the top priority while dealing with emails. You need to be careful while opening suspicious emails sent by hackers and spammers. Clicking on suspicious emails can make you lose your hard earned money and reputation. Therefore, we suggest you to choose a reliable and secure email hosting service like Eltris to take care of the security part so that you can focus on your business and do not worry about the email security.