Best Hosting Plan for Blog

How to Choose the Best Hosting Plan for Your Blog

Are you looking to start a new blog? Well, it is an excellent way to convey short messages, innovative ideas and thoughts to a wide-ranging audience. It is likewise significant that you find a hosting plan to start your blog.

 If you choose the best hosting plan for your blog, then for sure, your ideas will reach a large number of users. On the other hand, choosing an untrusted hosting provider will land you in deep trouble. Your blog will not be read by the right people even if you write your best content. A good hosting plan for your blog can increase your effectiveness in conveying dependability, security and reliability. So, you become free to focus on writing good content.

Here is how to choose the best hosting plan for your blog.

Things to Know about Hosting Plans

Web hosting empowers you to make your blog accessible on the web. At the point when you buy a hosting plan for your blog, you’re leasing space from a server. This server is possessed by your hosting provider. It provides the hardware, space, memory, and related bandwidth for your blog. The hosting plan is responsible for continuous network connectivity and protection from DDoS attacks. 

Web hosting allows your blog to be accessible for others on the internet. Your service provider will provide space for your blog’s HTML, CSS, pictures, and all its different assets. The host will also store important data for proper functioning and display of your site. It will likewise store all the information vital for your website to show and capacity accurately.

In case you want to launch your blog in the near future, you’ll require a web hosting plan. There are many hosting suppliers to browse and choose from.

Advantages of Choosing Best Hosting Plan for Blogs

Your blog is entirely dependent on the type of hosting plan you have chosen. It’s fundamental that your plan has every one of the assets you need to give a solid user experience. There are many steps to help your blog retain its standard but the only factor which limits it is your hosting plan. 

At the point when you’re making a blog, it’s expected that performance is not as important as compared to critical sites such as online business stores. It’s a fact that if your website loading time is more than 3 seconds, you are definitely going to lose the visitor. In the event that your blog is delayed to load because of your hosting plan, your user standards will go down. This in turn will affect your user growth.

You will not make it to the top ten if you are struggling in website speed. Google has also affirmed that it utilizes page speed as a positioning variable to rank your site in search results and decide its overall ranking. 

In the event that your plan doesn’t give the capability you need, your blog may begin to slack. In the worst-case, your server will get affected by this heavy traffic and your blog will encounter interruption. This can harm your credibility and distance your users to other options.

Types of Blog Hosting Plans

Regardless of whether you are creating a new blog or modifying it, your decision of hosting plan is essential. The right plan can help you in correct execution of how to draw in a wider audience for the time being, and hold them for a long period. 

To help you settle on the right choice, we should take a look at the individual hosting choices that are accessible. We’ll then at that point, examine what they have to bring to the table for your blog.

  1. Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting involves sharing a common server with different websites. You’ll similarly share that server’s assets, such as RAM, hard drive space, and CPU. It is a cost effective solution. It’s quite normal for web users to begin their blog with a limited expenses plan. Your new blog may be a side task or hobby that you desire to adapt eventually. 

Using shared hosting, the host can put different websites on a similar server, thus reducing its working expenses. This frequently makes shared hosting a more reasonable choice when compared with different plans. This is really good news for bloggers. Most websites of blogs have genuinely negligible requirements, and many use CMS like WordPress. Shared hosting is similarly ideal if you don’t have to install a unique or complex add-ons. Hence, settling down for shared hosting is a well-known decision between bloggers.

However, everything comes with a hidden price. With shared resources it might be difficult to maintain your blog during peak traffic hours. Also, it will make your server prone to malicious attacks. Some users may take unnecessary advantage of it by consuming more resources. This will in turn affect your blog’s ranking and may result in low uptime. Eltris offers shared hosting plans starting from $99 onwards.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting involves sole ownership of complete resources. No more sharing or distribution of resources. This guarantees that you have access to 100% of that server’s assets. As you’re the solitary client on the server, dedicated server plans are commonly little costly than shared hosting solutions. 

This category of plan ordinarily is well suited for blogs that draw in huge amounts of traffic. 

On the off chance that you’re thinking about shifting to dedicated hosting, it’s insightful to screen your blog’s ranking and performance. As you write down more content, you may see a drop in your blog’s loading time. This implies that your current hosting plan is unable to fulfil your site’s increasing demands. It is an indicator that you need more RAM for usage.

Now, switching to a dedicated plan may help you scale up your blog’s performance. It’s likewise a smart thought to screen your traffic.

Assuming your new blog has specialized or complex requirements, nonetheless, you may have to put resources into dedicated hosting right away. Since you’re the solitary website on the server, you’ll have complete control over its setup. This may even incorporate changing your server’s hardware and software.

Want to Choose the Best Hosting Plan for Your Blog? Check How.

Choosing a hosting plan is perhaps the main choice you can make for your blog. On the off chance that you get this choice right, you’ll have all you require to give a solid user experience. 

While every hosting plan has its pros and cons, numerous bloggers choose shared hosting. Barely any online blogs have complex specialized prerequisites and they use CMS like WordPress. 

It’s additionally essential to research about your hosting server provider such as its uptime rates. In the event that your blog encounters continuous downtime, even your most faithful users may become annoyed and look for other options. At every possible opportunity, it’s a good decision to find a hosting provider offering at least 99.9% uptime.


You may be put to test while choosing the right hosting plan for your blog.  But, with the right plan your blog will grow enormously with a strong base. By choosing the right plan presently, you’ll have access to the assets that will decide your performance in the short and long haul. 

This is fundamental for deciding your performance and holding your users. Go for Dedicated Server Hosting from Eltris and get total true serenity.