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How Do I Stop Emails from Going to Junk Mail

Are your incoming emails ending up in your junk folder? It’s not a new problem but do you know how to stop emails from going to junk. In fact, 45% of all emails are marked as spam. But sometimes, an email from a regular user – your colleague, business partner, or client – may also land in the spam folder accidentally.

The reason for this can vary because emails work in different ways. Maybe there’s some issue at your senders’ end. The chances are that their SPF record is not sorted, or maybe they’re not monitoring their domain. 

However, we’ll not delve into too many technicalities here. Today, we’ll discuss some easy steps you can take to stop emails from going to junk folder.

How to Stop Emails from Going to Junk Folder

1. Check the Junk Folder

The very first step to stop emails from going to junk is to login to your email account and head to the junk folder. In the folder, look for the email you wanted to show up in your inbox. Click on the message options and mark the mail as “Not Junk.” Different email services may have different interfaces, but in most cases, you’ll find a small box on the left pane with these options.

This way you can stop emails from going to junk folder.

2. Check the Blocked Senders List

If your email server has blacklisted the sender’s email address, moving the emails out from the junk folder won’t help. Therefore, log-in to your email account and find the “Blocked Senders” list. Most likely, you’ll find it in the Junk options. 

Look for the sender’s email in the Blocked senders’ list. Select the domain part of the blocked email address, and remove it from the list. As said, the interface of different email providers may vary, but the steps will pretty much remain the same. It will also help to stop emails from going to junk folder.

3. Add the Email to the Safe Senders’ List

Just because you’ve removed the email address from the Blocked Senders’ list doesn’t mean it can’t be blocked again. In the Junk options section, go to the Safe senders’ list and find the option of Safe Senders. In the list, add the email address you don’t want to be blocked again. 

In the same section, you’ll also find options for “Safe Mailing Lists.” If you’ve subscribed to an email list but the emails are going to junk mail, you can remove them by adding them to Safe mailing lists. Once you add them to this safe mailing list, it will stop emails from going to junk folder.

4. Edit Your Inbox Rules

In your email account, head to your Profile section and click on Options/Settings. In the section, look for “Inbox & sweep rules” or something similar. Click on the option and edit the pre-existing rules as per your requirements. This is a very simple task and it helps to stop emails from going to junk folder.

5. Edit Your Junk Mail Settings

If a lot of your incoming emails are ending up in the junk folder, you could consider modifying your junk mail settings. In the Options section, find the Junk mail option. In the Junk mail options, look for an option named “Spam filters,” “Filters and reporting,” or something similar. 

In that section, you can select the level of spam protection you want. If the spam protection is set to “Exclusive,” emails from only the senders in your Contacts and Safe senders list will land in your inbox. So, modify the settings as per your requirements.

6. Update Your Email Forwarding Settings

Some email providers also automatically send forwarded emails to the junk folder. To undo this, visit your Accounts section and find an option for Email Forwarding or Forwarding. See if you have disabled the receiving of emails to your inbox folder. If yes, uncheck the option and save the settings.

7. Switch to business email hosting

Most free email hosting services are not concerned about your urgent emails and they don’t take important emails going to spam too seriously. Therefore, it is always good to use a reliable email hosting service so that there are no chances of genuine emails landing up in the junk mailbox. 

This is because premium email hosting services provide different sets of filters to be used to classify emails as spam or genuine. Therefore, you can easily configure the filters as per your requirements.

Wrapping Up: Stop Emails from Going to Junk Folder

Emails going to the junk folder are a common issue. But if you don’t resolve this problem promptly, you may miss out on important emails and updates. So, follow the steps discussed above to update your junk mail settings.