Gmail vs Domain Email

Emails for Your Business: Gmail vs Domain Email Address

Setting up a business email account is the primary step after starting a business website and you have two options: Gmail vs Domain Email Address. You can either pick a free email service like Gmail or opt for a custom domain email address provider like Eltris.

Enterprises and SMBs always opt for domain email addresses. But as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a startup, making this choice can be quite tricky.

In this article, we’ll dive into the key differences between free email services like Gmail and domain email providers.

Let’s get started.

Gmail: The free email

Firstly, nothing is free on the internet. No matter what service you use, the provider will gain some kind of profit from you.

For instance, you’ll never have to pay a dime to use Gmail. However, Google will have access to your emails. So, it’ll look into them. Or simply put, it’ll scan them in and out to determine what kind of emails you send or receive. Based on your interactions, Google will target ads.

So, free email providers get something in return. But on the downside, you compromise on privacy and safety.

Pros of Gmail

  • The service is free of cost.
  • The storage space and features you receive are enough to satisfy your personal requirements.

Cons of Gmail

  • The security Gmail offers is weaker than professional domain email providers.
  • The provider accesses your personal information and interactions to target ads
  • It’s less professional, authentic, and brandable.
  • Storage space is limited up to 15GB.

Who uses Gmail (and other free email services)?

Gmail works well for personal use. If you’re using email just to represent yourself, you can stick to free email providers. This includes interacting with your friends and family. Also, if you’re a student, it’s better to stick to a free provider.

But if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or a professional representing a firm, having a domain email address is a must.

Domain email address

In a domain email address, you pay a small monthly fee to get an email address with your domain name. So, instead of having “,” you’ll have “” Clearly, the second one looks neater, more professional, and more branded.

There are other tangible benefits of custom email hosting, including enhanced security, more storage, and seamless scalability.

Pros of domain email address

  • More storage space
  • Superior security
  • Complete privacy
  • Increased branding, credibility, and professionalism

Cons of domain email address

  • None

Who uses a domain email address?

A domain email address is a go-to choice for all business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. If you want your brand to stand out, you need a professional email address. Apart from branding and credibility, people use domain emails for additional features and security.

Gmail vs. domain email: The difference

As discussed, both free services and domain providers have pros and cons. Gmail is free, but a domain email address comes with extra security.

Let’s delve deeper into the differences between the two to help you make a better choice. 

  1. Privacy

By choosing a free email provider, you agree to sell your privacy in exchange for the services. Most Gmail users aren’t aware of this because nobody really reads the license agreement. So, when you agree to share your information, Google makes money through targeted ads.

Domain email providers, on the other hand, offer complete privacy. You get a dedicated server, and you get to decide who looks into your emails and who doesn’t. Website browsers won’t get any insight into your email, so they can’t use it for ads.

  1. Branding with a domain email address

Emails are the cornerstone of business communication. No matter the type of communication – inbound, outbound, or internal – the use of email is prevalent. 

If you choose a domain email, it’ll go a long way in enhancing your branding. When you reach out to your customers or vice versa, a domain email will make a better first impression. It’ll be easy to remember and will indicate that you’re serious about your business. 

If your email address ends with “,” you’ll look like a random guy trying to scam his customers. You’ll not have an individual identity, and your prospects will approach you with skepticism.

Trust is a critical aspect of success in business. When you use a domain email, you position yourself as someone authentic and trustworthy. And 86% users feel that  authenticity is one of the primary factors while choosing the brands they support.

  1. Accessibility: Gmail vs Domain Email

Accessibility on multiple devices is a feature most email users tend to ignore. The chances are that you check your email on a few devices, a laptop, and a smartphone, to name a few. Free services like Gmail don’t offer effective syncing options. Even though you can access your account on multiple devices, the features can be limited.

Domain email providers have their own syncing system that ensures you get all the features regardless of the device you use.

  1. The cost of a domain email address

The only tangible benefit of using a free email provider is that it’s free. You don’t have to pay a dime out of your pocket, which might seem like an amazing deal. But as discussed before, you agree to sell your privacy as soon as you sign up for a free email service. 

Although domain email providers charge a nominal fee, they don’t mess around with your privacy. So, choose wisely.

  1. Compatibility: Gmail vs Domain Email

Some domain email providers may have compatibility issues, so be sure to double-check when committing to a service. Always look for a domain email provider that works smoothly on all devices. Eltris, for example, offers excellent compatibility on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Conclusion: Gmail vs Domain Email

Selecting the right email provider can be a baffling task. To make the right decision, ask this to yourself: does my identity impact my business

If the answer is yes, go for a domain hosting provider. If your purpose for email use is personal and has nothing to do with branding, you can stick to free providers. 

Also, check out Eltris for customized, scalable, and affordable domain email hosting.