dedicated server security tips

Dedicated Server Security Tips needed to Protect Your Server

Nowadays, businesses are going for dedicated servers or cloud servers to host their data. Still the question remains the same as to how secure is the server which is handling your business data. There can be instances of data breach using these servers too if you don’t follow dedicated server security tips. Your business data can be easily compromised with increasing cybercrimes these days if you don’t install the latest patches and updates. With growing business the question arises as to how we can protect our data from getting compromised?

To start with, choose your hosting server wisely and go through the features offered by the hosting provider. You must also acquaint yourself with the risks associated with your business integrity. The solution to it is choosing dedicated servers over shared ones as it will allow you to have more control over your data. You will have full control over who and when is accessing the data. Your own IT staff handling the data will definitely decrease the chances of attacks and data breaches. There won’t be any interference from third parties. You will get ample storage space and RAM for your business. However, there are a few dedicated server security tips that require your attention. 

Do you know cloud servers are less secure than dedicated servers? Yes, you heard it right. But you have to pay a higher price for using a dedicated server. There are still many questions which need to be answered as well. How can a dedicated server provide you with safety features? Before switching to dedicated servers what measures and strategy should you consider? Here are some ways to protect your important and confidential data within your organization.

Dedicated Server Security Tips to Follow

These dedicated server security tips will help you to add an extra layer of protection and safety to your dedicated server.

Encrypt your Data on Dedicated Server

The most important dedicated server security tips is to encrypt your data. Try to change the default port settings as it will make your server less vulnerable to attacks and more secure. Use encrypted communication when working with a third party client.

Encrypt the online transactions happening on your site using an SSL certificate. Also get real-time alerts by using a phishing detection application for your business. Though it cant guarantee 100% protection, it will definitely enhance security. Try changing to secured protocols for communication as unsecured protocols are more prone to cyber attacks.

Use MFA at login screen

Every company uses a strong password policy for the business safety. Therefore, hackers will find it nearly impossible to hack the login credentials. This will ensure security at multi-levels, allowing websites to follow some password standards which will help you in creating strong and unique passwords. This is not just for online applications. You can also use it for different users performing different roles. Therefore, updating the security regularly will reduce the chances of any password hack.

Updated Database

If you are maintaining a client’s personal data then protecting it from SQL injection is essential. Hence, keep an updated database. Always delete unwanted data and give minimum access to the database as required. Follow a stringent password policy. Keep changing your passwords after acquiring a new dedicated server as setting a default password is quite risky.

Follow the below steps for password protection:

  • Random combinations of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols should be present in your password.
  • Avoid keeping the same password for a long time.
  • Avoid passwords linked to personal information.
  • Do not keep the same password for all your accounts. If anyone gets compromised, all your other login details can be hacked too with the same password.

Monitor User Login Regularly

Continuous monitoring of login attempts and user access is the need of the hour. This is one of the most important dedicated server security tips to keep hackers at the bay. Always keep a check on the access used by employees. Always remember that the top priority is for root access and it can change anything. Never allow root access for the unauthorized persons. This will have a direct impact on the integrity and credibility of your business. Unauthorized root access leads to cyber attacks on any server. So keep it disabled to prevent the access. Try to avoid using root access in SSH. To safeguard inside and outside business, create different accounts with different roles. This can go a long way in ensuring safety.

Continuous Testing

You must opt for checking any unexpected conduct or malicious activity on the website. Check this by continuous testing and scanning. Opting for servers offering regular scanning is a great way to ensure safety. Never upload any software before checking on the local server. These precautions will save you from unnecessary volume of traffic and save your resources. Thus, using a dedicated server is a great idea to keep yourself protected and updated. Always install the latest version of any software you are using. 

It will also help you in avoiding a DDoS attack. Finally, it also protects your important customer details. Therefore, use updated software only to keep your information secure and safe. These are very basic dedicated server security tips to be kept in mind.

Conclusion: Dedicated Server Security Tips

Implementing the above dedicated server security tips will keep the hackers at bay. These dedicated server security tips can help in protecting your dedicated server from malicious attempts and decrease risk of vulnerabilities. The idea is to handle your dedicated server and the IT staff in a proper manner. If you are looking for reliable and secure dedicated servers, look no further. Choose the Dedicated Servers offered by Eltris to get complete peace of mind and only focus on your business growth. No need to look out for expensive IT support to configure the dedicated servers. We provide customized dedicated servers and we will set up the dedicated server free of charge.