dedicated server configuration options

Dedicated Server Configuration Options: Things to Know

Want to sustain your growing business and see further growth with higher sales? Then you must switch from shared to dedicated hosting. The idea is to expand your limited resources by using the best dedicated server configurations options. Web hosting is dependent on your service provider as well as the plan you choose. There are various dedicated server configuration options available. You can choose the one as per your needs and requirements.

With expanding business the need for resources increases. Therefore, upgrading to more robust servers is the need of the hour. Indeed they are expensive but the results are worth spending the money. Moreover, the resources multiply manifold. Thus, always go for the optimal dedicated server configuration options.

This article is all about dedicated server configurations options and why you should opt for a dedicated server. Later on, we will discuss three factors which helps in configuring your website. Without further ado, let’s start.

What are Dedicated Servers and why should you opt for one 

You have to host your website somewhere to keep it running on the internet. At reasonable prices you get your shared hosting and the provider can increase the number of shared websites too. 

As multiple users are using the same server, hence shared hosting offers you a limited share of resources. It goes well for most of the sites. However, for growing businesses and heavy traffic sites, the solution is very simple. You need to have a dedicated hosting plan. Some of the reasons to go for a dedicated server are listed below:

  1. Better performance: Dedicated servers have better page loading time than shared hosting. This is because you get an individual physical server to host your site. Therefore, all the RAM and memory is for your single use. This makes your website pages load faster. If a website page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of the visitors abandon the site and look for alternative options.
  2. Access to more resources: Dedicated server implies that you are the sole owner of your resources. Thus, no need to share the resources with other websites at all. Get 100% individual access to take your business to new heights. 
  3. More customization options: You get the option of customizing your dedicated server configuration options such as the Operating System, RAM, Storage space, and the physical location of the server. 
  4. Improved security. Hosting your website on dedicated servers improves your security feature manifold. This is because in a shared hosting, you are sharing the resources with other websites. So, if a hacker steals any information from the other website, your information can be compromised too. Whereas, in a shared hosting, nothing like this is going to happen. Thus, you get 100% security.

What Factors to be Considered while Deciding on Your Dedicated Server Configuration

Nothing comes for free in this world. These features come at a premium. Dedicated servers are reliable but little expensive whereas shared hosting plans are cheaper but less reliable. However, if your site is experiencing heavy traffic and good growth, then taking the move of switching is worth it. There are various dedicated server configuration options to choose from.

One important advantage before choosing a dedicated server is being able to customize it as per your requirements. Considering a few parameters is important before choosing the best dedicated server configuration options. Some of them are listed below to fasten your decision in choosing the correct plan from the dedicated server configuration options. 

Server’s Location

It is really important to decide the physical location of your server. As the distance of the user increases from the server, the website loading time decreases. Thus, you get a frustrated user who will surely look for other websites that load faster than yours. It affects efficiency and user visits to your site. With high speed, internet location is not a very big factor nowadays but still it has to be considered. Always check the dedicated server locations offered by the hosting provider before choosing a dedicated server. This will help you in your choice of being close to the server location. This is one of the important dedicated server configuration options to consider. Eltris offers dedicated servers with Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Washington locations.

Operating System (OS)

An OS is a must to interact with your server, configure it, and properly implement things. Security is of prime importance when choosing a hosting solution. The answer to the best dedicated server configuration options is Linux OS. It has better control and is more secure If you are a beginner in the hosting domain, then Windows offers user friendly dedicated server OS solutions. It is a substitute to Linux OS considering its suitability.

However, you can skip choosing the perfect OS if you are more focussed on running your site. Let the default option chosen by your hosting provider as your choice. Dedicated server configuration options should be made according to the default choice.

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers offer two different plans: managed and unmanaged. Your choice will depend upon settings, how much access you want to give and other elements.

A managed solution means smooth functioning of a dedicated server every time. It means your service provider will take care of everything from configuration to changing server settings. It will provide the necessary security features too.

On the other hand, if you want to take full control of hosting then you must opt for an unmanaged hosting solution. It means you will configure your dedicated server as per your needs. You can think it as taking off the training wheels. It does not suit all but if you are aware of what you want, then this is the best solution for you.

Apart from this, cost proves to be a big determining factor. Managed solutions are a bit costlier but the smooth experience offered by them is worth every penny spent. Whole responsibility lies in the hands of the service provider. You don’t have to bother much.


Firstly, consider your server location as it will definitely affect the website loading time. You can opt between Linux or Windows OS depending upon your requirements. 

Always consider cost as it is a major factor. Shared hosting solution seems attractive due to its cost effectiveness. But always keep an option of switching to a dedicated hosting solution when your business demands it. Choose the best dedicated servers from Eltris if you have a growing business and heavy traffic on your website.