cost of dedicated server

Cost of Dedicated Server: Know the Exact Price

Purchasing a dedicated server is a great future investment for any growing business. This is because it will help you in the long run. It not only provides you with increased speed, performance and safety but guarantees a user-friendly experience with greater sales and more conversions. This article will help you find the cost of dedicated server as well as let you decide the right server in your budget. 

Is Dedicated Server the Right Choice for You?

If you really think that a dedicated server is an excellent choice, but unsure whether you need it or not? Take into consideration these aspects before making any decision.

  • Website Traffic: In case your website has thousands of regular users, getting a dedicated server is a must for you. Handing the increased traffic is not an easy task if you make the wrong decision in choosing a server. Thus, always opt for the best dedicated server.
  • Page Loading Time: For Internet users page loading time is very important making things speedy. In fact, a short time of 2.6 second can make a great impression. The user will switch to another site if the page loading time is more than that. The speed will slow down more if the same resources are shared by a group of websites in a shared hosting. This problem can be avoided by using a dedicated server so that you are the sole user of resources. 
  • Website Security: You can’t deny the fact that hackers and malicious users are more active on shared hosting servers. However, a dedicated server is a safe choice. Even if there is a malicious attack on your site, fixing the issue is easy. Also, relocating the problematic area is easy. Though chances are still there but very rare. Same is the case with dedicated servers. So it is good to make such an investment to run a site with high volume of traffic. It is self-paying in terms of upgradation in performance, customization and security.

Things to Check in a Dedicated Server

Planning to purchase a dedicated server? Always remember that choosing an appropriate plan is not easy if you are doing it for the first time. Consider the following options before choosing a dedicated server provider.

Some of the aspects which you need to consider are listed below:

  • Uptime Guarantee: Most of the hosting companies provide an uptime of at least 99.5%. In case a user visits your website for the first time only to find out that the website is not opening. This will not only hurt you from the business perspective, but will also give you huge losses if you keep on losing customers due to downtime. Using a reliable dedicated server which offers a minimum website uptime of 99.9% can solve this problem. Your users are always able to open the website at any time of the day.
  • Active Customer Support: If you are spending a hefty amount for a dedicated server, you must receive excellent quality customer support too. It means tech support should be available to you every time you need it. Your hosting provider should provide immediate assistance when you need it.
  • Security: It is not that dedicated servers will not be prone to hacker attacks. But still these servers are safe and secure compared with other shared servers. Always assure that your dedicated server provider provides you with malware protection, firewall configurations and other security features.
  • Customization: The biggest advantage of choosing a dedicated server is that it can be customized virtually in any way according to your needs. Just imagine if you have the option of choosing the operating system, add any custom software of your choice and applications and allocate memory space according to your wish. Sometimes, customization seems to be a big hindrance as many hosting services provide “private” servers which are actually shared by other users. 

Cost of Dedicated Server?

Do remember that a single solution fitting all requirements does not exist. The cost of dedicated server greatly depends upon the needs and requirements of your website.. Generally speaking, paying $80-100 per month as the cost of dedicated server is sufficient. The cost of dedicated server shouldn’t be more than that as it is sufficient for a mid-size business. 

As the prices go down, availability of resources also decreases. With the increase in price, more bandwidth and RAM becomes available to you. A dedicated server which satisfies your current requirements and grows with your growing business is the best for you. Search for a reliable company offering a reasonable price with a plethora of option plans. You can find reasonable dedicated server plans at Eltris.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers

An unmetered dedicated server is the ultimate solution when the website grows at a rapid pace. The data transfer will be heavy on your pocket when you go beyond the bandwidth allotted to your website. However, if you use the unmetered server, you will get unlimited data transfer for your website. Hence, it provides you a way to reduce your cost of dedicated server significantly.

Let us make you aware about this new concept and answer your queries in an effective way.

What are Unmetered Dedicated Servers?

There are two ways to charge users for data transfer. They either charge a fixed fee covering complete bandwidth usage or simply charge by the bandwidth used by the user.

In shared hosting, price is according to the bandwidth allocation for several websites sharing a single server. Hence, the data transfer will be divided among those servers. Hence, exceeding your limit can be a bad experience for others as they will get less bandwidth to use and decreased speed.

However, an unmetered server offers a dedicated connection for you. Also, the added advantages are top notch security and nominal downtime for the website.


Is your site growing at a rapid pace in recent times with your growing business? Are you facing performance issues? Then surely a dedicated hosting server is the solution for you. 

A dedicated server will provide you with excellent performance and guaranteed quality customer experience. With increased speed, decreased downtime, improved security and you being the sole user of your bandwidth opting for a dedicated server is a great decision. Look for great deals on dedicated servers with up to 50% off at Eltris hosting solutions.