Common Mistakes while Purchasing Dedicated Server

There is no doubt that dedicated servers are best for running an online business. But, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid while purchasing dedicated servers. There are plenty of dedicated server providers available in the market. Therefore, choosing dedicated servers can actually startle you and make your decision a difficult one. It indeed is a really difficult task and you might make mistakes while purchasing dedicated server. As an informed buyer you must focus on your requirements. This will help you in making the correct decision.

But you only need to focus on your requirement, and you will form the right decision. It might be the time when you want to switch to dedicated servers and get rid of shared hosting solutions. Dedicated servers empower you with more control and flexibility in running your business. Though choosing a good dedicated server is a daunting task hence it should be planned well in advance as the cost of dedicated servers is high.

Common Mistakes while purchasing Dedicated Server

Cost Management

You must be fully aware about every penny you are investing in buying a dedicated server. No doubt dedicated servers cost you higher but you should be aware about many additional costs which startle you later on while managing your server.  Back-up price, human resource cost, disaster recovery strategy expenditure and maintenance costs are some of the additional money you have to spend while managing the server.

In fact, the client comes to know about them quite later while handling the command and control of their server.

This is the biggest mistake committed by the users while buying a dedicated server.

So, beware of these maintenance costs. If servers are left unmanaged it may prove to be the greatest loophole. This is one of the first mistakes to be avoided while purchasing dedicated server.

You should:

  • Talk to the hosting provider about any additional costs.
  • Pen down all the costs associated with the dedicated server.
  • Always have the opinion of the experienced users who are already using a dedicated server for their business.

Security Threats

Never compromise with the security feature of the dedicated server. You must be aware about security measures taken by the hosting company. If you don’t care about the safety of your hosting server then you are making a big mistake.

Though websites are prone to online threats still don’t underestimate the threat associated with offline security. You must ask following questions to your hosting provider regarding the security of the dedicated server.

  • Access to the server backend is limited or not and by what number?
  • What are the strategic approaches of them in case of an emergency?
  • Do they maintain offsite back-ups? What are their policies regarding it?

Though hosting providers don’t provide security for offline threats, they could definitely help you in back-up recovery.

Business Requirement

Never be in a hurry to buy or upgrade hosting solutions. First go through your requirements before making any purchase. Just because you need more resources for your website doesn’t mean you should immediately shift to another hosting solution. 

Making a checklist is an excellent way to analyse your requirements before opting for a dedicated hosting provider. Here is a checklist for you.

  • Guaranteed higher Uptime
  • Management of bulky files
  • Secured and limited access to the servers
  • Disaster recovery policies
  • Security and safety against all the threats
  • Scalability
  • PCI Compliance
  • Easy and simple migration

With all this done, another mistake a dedicated server client makes is inability to calculate the sites/applications needs.  If possible, hire an experienced person to calculate the needs of your business project and then do load testing to finally analyse your requirements. 

How much data and bandwidth your site needs? 

What are the RAM requirements?

Sales page of a dedicated hosting provider can get you through these answers. But you need to tell your requirement for placing customized orders.

Problems associated with Permissions and Logins:

Clients tend to avoid creating tough passwords and strict user permissions or logins while buying a dedicated server host. I would recommend a few things to be implemented first.

  • Disabling root access logins
  • Setting a safe and tough password
  • Provide only limited file permissions
  • Easy to guess passwords will provide hackers a chance to attack your server space.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of dedicated hosting. This technical support can cost them more than they think. Ignorance of technical support just for the low cost offered by dedicated servers is a common mistake while purchasing dedicated servers. 

Customer support will charge hourly for technical support if it is not covered in your basic hosting plan. They charge exorbitantly for it. So, opt for a dedicated hosting provider who promises you quality technical support without charging any extra fees.

Waiting endless for resolving the issues when they arise is of no use and ultimately it will affect your business.

Avoid cheap servers as many times the staff is less trained and skilled in solving more complex issues. Hence, always go for a quality technical service even if you have to pay little more.

Dedicated servers by Eltris offers unmatched reliable servers and technical support. The customer support will set up the dedicated server free of charge.

Learning Curve

Never make the mistake of deploying your business project on the dedicated server as soon as you purchased it. Always simulate the functions of the dedicated server on a dummy set up before actually doing the live testing. This way you will get to know the pros and cons and give you a learning experience.

It will also make you aware about real time issues and any technical failures. This will help you in troubleshooting the issues and changing or upgrading them according to your needs.


As a beginner you may make mistakes while purchasing dedicated server. Therefore, an informed and well analyzed dedicated hosting solution will fetch you a good deal. Take an informed decision to steer clear of the mistakes other people make while purchasing dedicated server. 

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