Business Benefits of Dedicated Servers for a Website

It takes extra effort to make your company’s online presence felt. You must be wondering how your own website is performing among so many online competitors? Most business owners are ignorant about the fact that they are sharing servers with innumerable other websites. Therefore, it is high time you realize the business benefits of dedicated servers. Are you looking forward to expanding your business? Be competitive as every effort counts.

All businesses use a wide range of possibilities for hosting their web application, mail server or website. The most widely used method is shared hosting. Here, a large number of websites use a single server to host their website. This leads to more downtime and also sharing of resources.

Whereas Dedicated hosting is the solution if you want to gain more control over the business. In dedicated hosting, a server is rented from a dedicated hosting provider by a client, and exclusively uses resources of that server. Dedicated servers give the RAM, CPU and disk space to their clients. This reduces the businesses upfront cost as the server is maintained and built by the provider. The business benefits of dedicated servers are numerous and we will discuss them in detail.

Though a dedicated server will cost you more, the benefits are worth it’s price as it provides the confidence to strive in the competitive world of ecommerce. Let us now check the business benefits of dedicated servers and why should use a dedicated server for your business.

Six Business Benefits of Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server, you can get exclusive returns from your business in the following ways:

1. Exclusive use of dedicated resources

The entire web server is exclusively yours by having a dedicated server. You get peak performance at peak business hours as now you have exclusive right on bandwidth, RAM, CPU and disk space requirements.

You don’t need to worry about the changes in bandwidth during peak hours and running of bad scripts on different websites. This leads to slowing down your server and eventually degrading customer experience. 

With dedicated servers other websites cannot slow down your application by clogging your CPU. Root access to the server is also an essential and exclusive feature of dedicated servers. Configuration of settings and installation of own software is possible. So, it is your prerogative how you use your dedicated plan to bring your business to top. 

You can choose any operating system to run your applications. Special server security measures can also be added by you. In short, you can run your business—in a flexible, secured, and exclusive way.

2. Flexible management of your start up business

A dedicated server takes care of your growing business requirements. Limited use of software, applications and operating systems already present on the server is provided if you opt for shared hosting. Hence, a client has to choose from limited resources and the idea of customization completely vanishes.

With growing demands, modifications in existing applications and settings can be achieved. It enhances your flexibility with the advent of new opportunities and changing markets arise or unexpected markets materialize.

A dedicated server also enhances backup, processing and storage space. Therefore, it provides users with a better experience and quicker page load time. This makes them feel back returning to your website later as well due to lightning speed.

3. Enhanced performance and improved reliability

With exclusive rights come better performance and reliability. A dedicated server reduces your chances of server crashes even during peak traffic hours.

Shared hosting is suitable only for low traffic whereas high traffic demands are addressed by dedicated servers. If your site uses videos and image displays, the dedicated server provides you with the required bandwidth you need. Google recommends that your page load time should be 2 seconds or less.

The dedicated server gives you optimum customer experience through improved speed and performance. A dedicated server protects you from any malicious codes present in any other site which may be sharing resources with you in case of shared web hosting.

It comes with a higher cost and is fairly less price to be paid if you are getting a high power, better storage, and bandwidth by using dedicated web hosting. With no upfront capital costs, a dedicated server provides a strong hold on the web. 

When you buy dedicated servers from a reliable company like Eltris, the IT support team is always there to provide you with technical assistance. Qualified technicians are always there to troubleshoot your queries.

4. Improved security through data separation

Dedicated servers give exclusive access to your business. With secured monitoring and firewalls, infrastructure improves manifolds. It improves security against malware and hacks. Dedicated hosting protects your sensitive data if using FTP or SSL protocols.

Secured firewalls, continuous network monitoring and exclusive access by hosts lets you freely and confidently concentrate on your business with increased industry demands.

As your data is exclusively yours and has nothing to do with other client’s data, this separation feature also prevents service attacks and helps you with easy and fast recovery from backend exploitation.

Running of your applications by customizing security and access control is another feature of dedicated servers. Improving levels of security manifold protecting business data and customers.

5. No capital or upfront expense

You may need capital reserve for diverse areas of your business so reducing upfront capital expenses is the need of the hour. Dedicated hosting providers charge you with reasonable fees to equip you with top of the line equipment.

This reduces overhead costs for purchasing new equipment. Therefore, it is a low cost affair to access resources of a full time dedicated server. A dedicated hosting provider serves multiple clients. The service cost paid by you is nothing compared with the advantages of physical security and technical support.

6. Unique IP address

If you are using shared hosting it means sharing of a common IP address with many other websites. This eliminates the feature of unique IP addresses. This may pull down your ranking if the shared website is a spam or malicious site.

Hence, you can completely get rid of this by using a dedicated server providing you with a unique IP address. This really makes you stand among the crowd of e-commerce businesses if you are providing credit card transactions utilizing SSL. Hence, sites dealing with heavy traffic, can customize according to their needs by using a dedicated hosting provider.


Now since you have understood the business benefits of dedicated servers, using a dedicated hosting provider is the solution to all your business needs. You can choose between shared or dedicated hosting depending on your budget and needs. Let us guide you how much a dedicated server costs? The answer will depend upon

  • the bandwidth requirement
  • computing power you need
  • how much backup and secure data storage you need

You can choose from a wide range of dedicated servers available on Eltris with different RAM and storage needs.