Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Do you want to take your business to greater heights? Well, then you must decide on the best dedicated server for hosting your web application. But why settle down with a dedicated web server? A dedicated web server is quick, safe and has the best combination of software tools to guide you in achieving greater heights in your business. If you want better control and proper management of your business then opting for dedicated server hosting is a great idea. Also, as you don’t need to maintain the server, hence it ensures low costs. This is because you don’t have to purchase it on your own. So, let us guide you with some useful tips to choose your dedicated server provider and the advantages of using a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are quite popular for personal as well as business companies due to their multiple benefits which we are going to discuss here.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server

Security and great performance

Dedicated servers are far more secure than any other server as they avoid sharing your space with any other potential spam or malicious application. There is a huge effect on the SERPs of websites due to shared servers as they can blacklist the IP address of the server. This in turn affects the websites using that IP address.

Stability and reliability of dedicated servers are more compared with shared hosting. As most of the websites are unaware that they are sharing the IP addresses with other sites which may be malicious, hence it becomes almost impossible for them to protect their data.

Dedicated servers improve security. This is especially useful for companies where transactions happen mostly over SSL or FTP. Moreover, to resolve your complaints, 24*7 support is available from the dedicated server providers ensuring a low downtime. 

No sharing of Server Resources 

Dedicated server means your bandwidth belongs to you. It can’t be used by anyone else. There is no chance of slowing down as others can’t use your space for running their applications. Hence, it won’t clog your server’s RAM or CPU as the resources of your server belong to you only and nobody else.

Space is surely an essential component as far as web hosting is concerned. But it does include the CPU and RAM of the server. This enables your server to prevent downtime even during peak traffic hours. So, it can be inferred that using shared hosting is suitable for low traffic sites. But in the case of mid and high traffic sites, dedicated servers are a must to have a smooth business operation.

Complete Control

The biggest advantage of a dedicated server is that you get complete control over your website. You are free to take an informed decision about which applications and tools you would like to deploy on your website.

In case of a shared server, complete control over the website is maintained by the service providers as multiple websites are using the same server. This is completely avoidable in case of dedicated hosting solutions.

Use of a dedicated server enables its user complete administrative control over the server where a user can customize it according to his requirements. He can act before any problem affects the website by direct installation and close monitoring of programmes.

Access to a Unique IP Address

The IP address of a server denotes its unique identity and location of the server. If multiple websites are using the same server, they own the same IP address which means sharing of spam sites and lowering of search engine results pages or SERPs.

But it is completely avoided in case of dedicated hosting as the server has its own unique IP address. Sharing of resources is not possible with any other site. For example, an e-commerce company involving credit cards transactions must have a unique IP address ensuring safety of clients as well as website.

Low percentage of downtime

Though it is impossible to have an 100% uptime but it can be chosen close to 99.9% by using dedicated servers. This 0.1% downtime can be easily chosen by the website owners as their maintenance time.

Shared hosting doesn’t allow its users any say over downtime maintenance but it is easier to opt for this solution in case of dedicated hosting.

Websites selling goods need to maintain a high uptime otherwise they will lose their customers. This will in turn affect the total sales. So, they need dedicated servers with high uptime.


A dedicated server fits the requirement of a customizable environment where a user can choose his CPU, software, disk space and RAM. This makes dedicated servers flexible and reliable.

Users have full control over choosing software according to their needs, how much memory a task should be using, installing an operating system which suits your needs.

Dedicated servers provide you fixed IP addresses with higher costs. But the deal is worth it. Therefore, many DNS issues clear up automatically. You can choose CPU usage for your applications by installing a database server.

Conclusion: Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Though shared hosting comes online at cheaper rates but the advantages of using a dedicated server hosting are far more. There is no chance of a data breach or malicious websites blacklisting your IP address because you have your own unique IP address allocated. No other site can access your dedicated server as it is completely under your control.

There are numerous advantages of using a dedicated server. They are best suitable for websites having mid to heavy traffic to avoid downtime. Websites observing mid to heavy traffic should have better security, reliability and customization. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before choosing a dedicated hosting provider.

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