quick shared hosting guide

A Quick Shared Hosting Guide for Beginners

According to the adage ‘Shared joy is doubled joy’. This holds true for website hosting, too. Shared hosting is a simple and inexpensive way to make your site available online. If it is your first site, this type of hosting is the ideal choice. In this quick shared hosting guide, we are going to take you through the numerous advantages and benefits of shared hosting. Then you can decide on how you can use it to get your website going.

Quick Shared Hosting Guide – An Overview

Are you unfamiliar with the jargon of web hosting? Then let’s start from the top. 

A web host is a service that offers you server space where you can store your site. This is how your site is publicly available. When a user wants to access the site, the required data is sent from the web server to the user’s device instantly. 

It’s a straightforward process. Nevertheless, things tend to get a little complicated as you start considering various web hosting. There are different types of web hosting. They differ in the resources they offer, the way they are set up, and more. 

As the name suggests, shared hosting is a type of hosting where a site shares resources and a server with various users. This is the reason it is the least expensive option. It comes with various benefits. 

Shared hosting is mainly aimed at beginners or people who would not like to spend too much time. So, the plans are easy to set up and manage. Hence, shared hosting is ideal for smaller sites, such as portfolios or blog posts that don’t need a lot of upkeep. Let’s find in this quick shared hosting guide if it is the ideal solution for you or not.

Is Shared Hosting the Right Solution for You?

So, now you know how shared hosting is and how it works. Deciding if it is the best solution for the site is another. Here are a few key considerations you need to think about when you decide whether or not to go with a shared hosting plan. 

  1. Budget and Features You Need

As mentioned earlier, shared hosting plans are usually less expensive than the other hosting available, including cloud hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting. As you are only using part of the storage space and resources of the server on the shared plan, your hosting provider offers a lower cost.

Shared hosting plans are much affordable even for businesses that have a smaller budget. 

So, in case your site is not too large and does not have enough traffic to use up the resources and space on a dedicated server, it is better not to purchase a dedicated plan yet. 

You should also consider the features that are available with a hosting plan you are considering. Shared hosting is a budget-friendly option out there. In case you don’t have enough money to throw at the site or you just want to stick to a certain budget, this is the right choice for you. 

  1. Your Technical Skills and User-Friendliness of the Hosting Dashboard

Being a beginner, you might not have much experience in regards to managing a server. But with this hosting plan, you can easily take care of it. If you are not tech-savvy, this hosting plan proves to be useful. 

You should also check the potential host’s control panel. It is important for managing billing, troubleshooting, upgrading the plan, and other crucial tasks. If you make sure that yours is easy to browse through, it will help in simplifying the management process. So, in the future, it will save you a lot of headaches. 

For instance, Eltris Hosting solution is easy to pick up. Even if you are a beginner, you will not have much trouble setting up your account the way you like. 

Don’t forget to consider the plan upgrade process that your host provides. While a plan where you share hosting is good for most websites to start as they grow, you have to shift to another hosting plan. 

At Eltris, you can enjoy the one-click plan upgrade process. You can access it right from the control panel. 

Hosting is a basic part of running a site, and you might have to access your hosting account frequently. So, choose a hosting provider that will make it easier for you to manage the account and maintain the server easily. 

  1. Size of the Site and Resources It Requires

Shared hosting involves more than one site sharing one server. But this can lead to a few problems that might have a significant impact on the site. 

With this kind of hosting, there is a limitation on the space. In case the site is very large like a social media site where users can upload thousands of photos, it is not the right solution for you. Moreover, other sites on the server can grow and take up more storage space, pushing the site to the fringes. 

This is also true for the site’s traffic level. In case you are experiencing a lot of visitors to the site at once, it is more likely to overload the server. Also, if there is a traffic spike on the other site sharing the server, it can put your site temporarily out of commission. 

Ultimately, the other sites on the server can impact the site’s performance. Their traffic levels and size can lead to slow loading times for the visitor. Therefore, in this case, dedicated hosting is the ideal solution. 

Choosing a Shared Hosting Package

Since you are a beginner, it might be confusing to sort out the different types of web hosting available. So, you need to learn about the hosting providers that offer this kind of service. Also, you need to know how this kind of hosting functions, to make the right decision while buying the first hosting plan. All these details are covered above in our quick shared hosting guide for beginners.

Do you think it is the right plan for you and the site? No matter if you are a blogger, small-business owner, or developer, Eltris offers the best secure, high-performing, and low-cost solution on the market. Its robust hosting features include unlimited storage and bandwidth. Eltris encrypts all customer data and drives in transit and uses top-notch spam filtering techniques for protecting its customers from malware and spam. Eltris aims to achieve a perfect match of reliability, convenience, speed, and privacy for the customers.