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6 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

Any business in the beginning can operate using a trusted shared web hosting provider. Shared hosting will match your business needs as and when needed. But with time your business will grow and the number of visitors on your site keep on increasing. To meet these growing needs you need to multiply your resources. The solution to this problem is to have a dedicated server. A dedicated server will handle your rising traffic very well.

What is a Dedicated Server?

An individual remote server for a website or app is called as dedicated server. It uses independent resources for its deployment and hosting. Only you will use the physical server without sharing it with another application or website. Resources such as Disk Space, RAM and Bandwidth are for your individual website utilization. Dedicated servers not only guarantee you high uptime but also save you from failures and disturbances affecting your business. It also doesn’t let you compromise on security. Backed by secure and powerful data centers, these servers are also available for critical applications.

Importance of Having a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server offers the whole assets accessible to your website only. This implies a devoted IP address, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space. Organizations recruit a server from a service provider rather than purchasing their own. The hosting provider will get the contract to manage the server. In this way, organizations don’t need to stress over features like space, security, uptime, etc.

There are numerous advantages to this plan. The significant advantage is that you don’t have to deal with third party hosting solutions. This implies complete control by entrepreneurs or organizations. They can utilize every asset on the server including bandwidth. Regardless of whether you have a high traffic site, a dedicated server will provide the necessary resources.

Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

Fair cost

Dedicated hosting solutions cost is little higher for new start-up companies. Nonetheless, over the long haul, a dedicated solution is certainly worth the price. It offers greater unwavering quality and assets. Many dedicated servers provide inbuilt softwares to help the businesses. With dedicated server solutions, there is no requirement for administration of servers, equipment costs and virtualization. It can be inferred from these reasons that dedicated servers are perhaps the most cost effective and affordable alternatives accessible in this field.

No downtime

Dedicated server allows you timely execution of your choices and maintenance work. On the other hand, if your business needs more data transfer capacity you can do it on your own. No need to ask for help from the service provider every time. You don’t need them for switching to another plan or increasing your bandwidth requirements. It’s just the service providers can dispense more assets from their server to their user sites. Additionally, the user can choose maintenance as per his own needs. This way, you can easily fix the issues quickly. Every asset present in a dedicated server is consistently accessible for effective running of your application. It not only improves your execution time but also doesn’t get affected by traffic on different sites.

Resources Are Dedicated

As we have expressed previously, with a dedicated server your resources are your own. You need not share them with anyone else. This makes your resources completely utilized by yourself. You can manage administration, distribution and utilization of your resources. You should not worry over issues like data transfer capacity or speed with increasing websites. Obviously, dedicated servers guarantee you a growing business with no disappointments and downtimes.

Dedicated IP address

One of the significant advantages of utilizing a dedicated solution is that you get a unique IP address that is completely yours. Your IP address is not shared with different organizations or individuals. This goes far in setting up your business benchmark. Specifically, in the event that you are stressed over a malicious site having the same IP address as yours, then, at that point a dedicated server can help you out. Additionally, it shields against malware that may have started from a different site on your shared device bringing down entire operations to a halt. A dedicated server protects your site from any malicious spam. With such a huge amount on offer, it is clear that organizations with huge asset prerequisites are changing to dedicated servers for their sites.


Most organizations that utilize dedicated hosting solutions do as such with an eye on wellbeing. If your server is shared by another user, you will consistently keep an eye out for unapproved access. There is no compelling reason to stress over safety if you are sole owner of your resources. Keeping the server on your own premises and renting space/bandwidth from a web hosting solution is a great idea to boost safety features. With all these additional measures you have full control over the access of users to your website or business.

Numerous organizations may pick the additional security of an enclosure, to guarantee that only known individuals can access the website. Additionally, it helps organizations to choose anti malware or firewalls from a wide range of options. They can decide on which safety efforts are best for them. With these extra measures you will decide who gets access to your website and who doesn’t. Also, a dedicated server helps you introduce security programming at whatever point required.


Organizations that need improved dependability, security, and assets will always choose dedicated servers. They want to be the sole owner of their resources without sharing them with anyone else. With powerful safety features and improved assets, a dedicated server is no doubt a great solution for growing businesses. To maintain high uptime when traffic flow increases, use dedicated hosting solutions. It offers dedicated IP addresses, enhanced security, no downtime, complete control over the resources, and upgradation of plans. Therefore, it is no doubt the best hosting solution at such a reasonable cost. Looking to invest in dedicated servers? Feel free to reach out to the Eltris team today and grow your business with a dedicated server solution.