Things to Ponder While Choosing a Dedicated Server

Do you have any idea what a Dedicated Server is? It is a server where you get 100% access to all the resources. This feature increases your page load speed and is suitable for peak traffic handling. It hosts only a single user website on the physical server. Before choosing a dedicated server, ponder over a few questions discussed in this article. Your digital experience is totally dependent on the type of plan and the hosting provider chosen by you. Halt your purchase until you go through these detailed guidelines.

Choosing a dedicated server: Budget constraints

You have to consider both sides of the coin. Either you can save money with a less costly plan offering limited resources or compromise on downtime cost due to cheaper plans. With heavy traffic and lots of information at your hand,  a Dedicated Server sounds like a good option to opt for. Before choosing a dedicated server, the foremost thing which should come to your mind is the type of investment that you desire to make.

It’s true that one-size doesn’t fit all. Many variables help in choosing the best hosting plans. Clear your confusions about which level of plan is correct for you by checking out the details to look after before choosing your hosting plan.

What is the duration of being in this business? Is the Host a reputed one?

Firstly, do industry research, considering variables like security, speed, support, and uptime. After having a clear idea about investment, start considering your options of available hosting providers. Reviews play a key role in deciding about what the real users have to say about the service provider. With a trusted and reliable dedicated server provider like Eltris, you will find 100% positive reviews from the users.

What backups are included? Should I opt for cloud storage, local or both?

Always research this information when going through different plans. Backup data is essential for any business plan. As backup data can be lost accidentally therefore including backups in your hosting plans is very important.

Choosing a dedicated server: What CPU is good for me ?

The CPU is an important part of the dedicated server. It handles heavy traffic and requests on larger sites. By handling the processes and requests, the site remains available to visitors. Consider the amount of traffic coming on your site and whether you need to get a large CPU for maintaining speed and requests. A multi-core processor can be opted for if frequent heavy traffic is observed. 

Number of Cores needed?

Processing power as well as granting of requests by CPU is decided by the number of cores it possesses. The number of cores needed will be determined by the dynamic elements present on your site. Buying a CPU with multiple cores is advisable for you if your site is active and experiences peak traffic. 

Do I have to  handle large numbers of users simultaneously or faster page load speeds? (Clock speed v/s Cores)?

The amount of Cores vs Clock speed is affected by the amount of traffic experienced. Also,it is affected by whether you want to offer greater experience to limited users. Heavy traffic requires more no.of cores whereas better experience with less traffic needs more clock speed.

Do I want the latest technology with a high loading speed (NVMe)?

For continuous traffic and greater user experience speed is vital. Go for the latest technology and maintain customer loyalty.

Choosing a dedicated server: Can I shift from my current hosting solutions?

Eltris Hosting allows free migrations .Always check out migration features if you are choosing from more than one hosting company. If you want your website to be working effectively and efficiently, shifting to more than one hosting company can be an advantage. This minimizes downtime.

Choosing a dedicated server: Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Managed hosting sounds great for those who lack time for handling back end support and need experts for effective running of their websites. Check out the details of Eltris Dedicated Servers.

These questions will help you decide:

How  to keep your server safe? (  Best practices, scans, firewalls etc.)

Who will handle your software configs and security?

Security measures like firewalls and scans must be followed by the companies.

Choosing a dedicated server: Support offered

Eltris Hosting gives round the clock support. The support is provided by phone call, chat and email tickets. Also, the knowledge base and advice provides you with many solutions and tips. While choosing a dedicated server, check the hosting provider support as you may need it round the corner, even at odd hours of midnight.

How many resources are enough? Can I scale my server later?

Research before you act. It means get all the information of your hosting provider beforehand. Can they upgrade you when you plan to expand your business? Are they growing with you? Can your larger plans fit into the services offered by them? Few important things to ponder are: 


Are there SSD memory options to retrieve data faster? Go through all the storage options. You may need more memory if you plan to go for a big plan in near future.

Bandwidth Allocation

The rate of  transferring data is termed a s bandwidth. It affects the loading speed of your website page better. So, the information on your site loads in a matter of seconds. In case your site experiences heavy traffic every now and then, please go for more bandwidth.

Is the Control Panel necessary?

Control panels play an important role in organizing your website backend. Consider adding it to your plan.

Choosing a dedicated server: Conclusion

It’s not easy to choose the right dedicated hosting plan for your growing business. It can be a  challenge in itself. However, It will lay a sturdy foundation in growth of your business if you opt for the correct one. Check out Eltris Dedicated Servers today and select the plan that suits your needs. Eltris offers customized plans to suit various business requirements, therefore, choosing a dedicated server is easy. 

Dedicated Server Configuration Options: Things to Know

Want to sustain your growing business and see further growth with higher sales? Then you must switch from shared to dedicated hosting. The idea is to expand your limited resources by using the best dedicated server configurations options. Web hosting is dependent on your service provider as well as the plan you choose. There are various dedicated server configuration options available. You can choose the one as per your needs and requirements.

With expanding business the need for resources increases. Therefore, upgrading to more robust servers is the need of the hour. Indeed they are expensive but the results are worth spending the money. Moreover, the resources multiply manifold. Thus, always go for the optimal dedicated server configuration options.

This article is all about dedicated server configurations options and why you should opt for a dedicated server. Later on, we will discuss three factors which helps in configuring your website. Without further ado, let’s start.

What are Dedicated Servers and why should you opt for one 

You have to host your website somewhere to keep it running on the internet. At reasonable prices you get your shared hosting and the provider can increase the number of shared websites too. 

As multiple users are using the same server, hence shared hosting offers you a limited share of resources. It goes well for most of the sites. However, for growing businesses and heavy traffic sites, the solution is very simple. You need to have a dedicated hosting plan. Some of the reasons to go for a dedicated server are listed below:

  1. Better performance: Dedicated servers have better page loading time than shared hosting. This is because you get an individual physical server to host your site. Therefore, all the RAM and memory is for your single use. This makes your website pages load faster. If a website page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of the visitors abandon the site and look for alternative options.
  2. Access to more resources: Dedicated server implies that you are the sole owner of your resources. Thus, no need to share the resources with other websites at all. Get 100% individual access to take your business to new heights. 
  3. More customization options: You get the option of customizing your dedicated server configuration options such as the Operating System, RAM, Storage space, and the physical location of the server. 
  4. Improved security. Hosting your website on dedicated servers improves your security feature manifold. This is because in a shared hosting, you are sharing the resources with other websites. So, if a hacker steals any information from the other website, your information can be compromised too. Whereas, in a shared hosting, nothing like this is going to happen. Thus, you get 100% security.

What Factors to be Considered while Deciding on Your Dedicated Server Configuration

Nothing comes for free in this world. These features come at a premium. Dedicated servers are reliable but little expensive whereas shared hosting plans are cheaper but less reliable. However, if your site is experiencing heavy traffic and good growth, then taking the move of switching is worth it. There are various dedicated server configuration options to choose from.

One important advantage before choosing a dedicated server is being able to customize it as per your requirements. Considering a few parameters is important before choosing the best dedicated server configuration options. Some of them are listed below to fasten your decision in choosing the correct plan from the dedicated server configuration options. 

Server’s Location

It is really important to decide the physical location of your server. As the distance of the user increases from the server, the website loading time decreases. Thus, you get a frustrated user who will surely look for other websites that load faster than yours. It affects efficiency and user visits to your site. With high speed, internet location is not a very big factor nowadays but still it has to be considered. Always check the dedicated server locations offered by the hosting provider before choosing a dedicated server. This will help you in your choice of being close to the server location. This is one of the important dedicated server configuration options to consider. Eltris offers dedicated servers with Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Washington locations.

Operating System (OS)

An OS is a must to interact with your server, configure it, and properly implement things. Security is of prime importance when choosing a hosting solution. The answer to the best dedicated server configuration options is Linux OS. It has better control and is more secure If you are a beginner in the hosting domain, then Windows offers user friendly dedicated server OS solutions. It is a substitute to Linux OS considering its suitability.

However, you can skip choosing the perfect OS if you are more focussed on running your site. Let the default option chosen by your hosting provider as your choice. Dedicated server configuration options should be made according to the default choice.

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers offer two different plans: managed and unmanaged. Your choice will depend upon settings, how much access you want to give and other elements.

A managed solution means smooth functioning of a dedicated server every time. It means your service provider will take care of everything from configuration to changing server settings. It will provide the necessary security features too.

On the other hand, if you want to take full control of hosting then you must opt for an unmanaged hosting solution. It means you will configure your dedicated server as per your needs. You can think it as taking off the training wheels. It does not suit all but if you are aware of what you want, then this is the best solution for you.

Apart from this, cost proves to be a big determining factor. Managed solutions are a bit costlier but the smooth experience offered by them is worth every penny spent. Whole responsibility lies in the hands of the service provider. You don’t have to bother much.


Firstly, consider your server location as it will definitely affect the website loading time. You can opt between Linux or Windows OS depending upon your requirements. 

Always consider cost as it is a major factor. Shared hosting solution seems attractive due to its cost effectiveness. But always keep an option of switching to a dedicated hosting solution when your business demands it. Choose the best dedicated servers from Eltris if you have a growing business and heavy traffic on your website.

Dedicated Server Security Tips needed to Protect Your Server

Nowadays, businesses are going for dedicated servers or cloud servers to host their data. Still the question remains the same as to how secure is the server which is handling your business data. There can be instances of data breach using these servers too if you don’t follow dedicated server security tips. Your business data can be easily compromised with increasing cybercrimes these days if you don’t install the latest patches and updates. With growing business the question arises as to how we can protect our data from getting compromised?

To start with, choose your hosting server wisely and go through the features offered by the hosting provider. You must also acquaint yourself with the risks associated with your business integrity. The solution to it is choosing dedicated servers over shared ones as it will allow you to have more control over your data. You will have full control over who and when is accessing the data. Your own IT staff handling the data will definitely decrease the chances of attacks and data breaches. There won’t be any interference from third parties. You will get ample storage space and RAM for your business. However, there are a few dedicated server security tips that require your attention. 

Do you know cloud servers are less secure than dedicated servers? Yes, you heard it right. But you have to pay a higher price for using a dedicated server. There are still many questions which need to be answered as well. How can a dedicated server provide you with safety features? Before switching to dedicated servers what measures and strategy should you consider? Here are some ways to protect your important and confidential data within your organization.

Dedicated Server Security Tips to Follow

These dedicated server security tips will help you to add an extra layer of protection and safety to your dedicated server.

Encrypt your Data on Dedicated Server

The most important dedicated server security tips is to encrypt your data. Try to change the default port settings as it will make your server less vulnerable to attacks and more secure. Use encrypted communication when working with a third party client.

Encrypt the online transactions happening on your site using an SSL certificate. Also get real-time alerts by using a phishing detection application for your business. Though it cant guarantee 100% protection, it will definitely enhance security. Try changing to secured protocols for communication as unsecured protocols are more prone to cyber attacks.

Use MFA at login screen

Every company uses a strong password policy for the business safety. Therefore, hackers will find it nearly impossible to hack the login credentials. This will ensure security at multi-levels, allowing websites to follow some password standards which will help you in creating strong and unique passwords. This is not just for online applications. You can also use it for different users performing different roles. Therefore, updating the security regularly will reduce the chances of any password hack.

Updated Database

If you are maintaining a client’s personal data then protecting it from SQL injection is essential. Hence, keep an updated database. Always delete unwanted data and give minimum access to the database as required. Follow a stringent password policy. Keep changing your passwords after acquiring a new dedicated server as setting a default password is quite risky.

Follow the below steps for password protection:

  • Random combinations of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols should be present in your password.
  • Avoid keeping the same password for a long time.
  • Avoid passwords linked to personal information.
  • Do not keep the same password for all your accounts. If anyone gets compromised, all your other login details can be hacked too with the same password.

Monitor User Login Regularly

Continuous monitoring of login attempts and user access is the need of the hour. This is one of the most important dedicated server security tips to keep hackers at the bay. Always keep a check on the access used by employees. Always remember that the top priority is for root access and it can change anything. Never allow root access for the unauthorized persons. This will have a direct impact on the integrity and credibility of your business. Unauthorized root access leads to cyber attacks on any server. So keep it disabled to prevent the access. Try to avoid using root access in SSH. To safeguard inside and outside business, create different accounts with different roles. This can go a long way in ensuring safety.

Continuous Testing

You must opt for checking any unexpected conduct or malicious activity on the website. Check this by continuous testing and scanning. Opting for servers offering regular scanning is a great way to ensure safety. Never upload any software before checking on the local server. These precautions will save you from unnecessary volume of traffic and save your resources. Thus, using a dedicated server is a great idea to keep yourself protected and updated. Always install the latest version of any software you are using. 

It will also help you in avoiding a DDoS attack. Finally, it also protects your important customer details. Therefore, use updated software only to keep your information secure and safe. These are very basic dedicated server security tips to be kept in mind.

Conclusion: Dedicated Server Security Tips

Implementing the above dedicated server security tips will keep the hackers at bay. These dedicated server security tips can help in protecting your dedicated server from malicious attempts and decrease risk of vulnerabilities. The idea is to handle your dedicated server and the IT staff in a proper manner. If you are looking for reliable and secure dedicated servers, look no further. Choose the Dedicated Servers offered by Eltris to get complete peace of mind and only focus on your business growth. No need to look out for expensive IT support to configure the dedicated servers. We provide customized dedicated servers and we will set up the dedicated server free of charge.

Cost of Dedicated Server: Know the Exact Price

Purchasing a dedicated server is a great future investment for any growing business. This is because it will help you in the long run. It not only provides you with increased speed, performance and safety but guarantees a user-friendly experience with greater sales and more conversions. This article will help you find the cost of dedicated server as well as let you decide the right server in your budget. 

Is Dedicated Server the Right Choice for You?

If you really think that a dedicated server is an excellent choice, but unsure whether you need it or not? Take into consideration these aspects before making any decision.

  • Website Traffic: In case your website has thousands of regular users, getting a dedicated server is a must for you. Handing the increased traffic is not an easy task if you make the wrong decision in choosing a server. Thus, always opt for the best dedicated server.
  • Page Loading Time: For Internet users page loading time is very important making things speedy. In fact, a short time of 2.6 second can make a great impression. The user will switch to another site if the page loading time is more than that. The speed will slow down more if the same resources are shared by a group of websites in a shared hosting. This problem can be avoided by using a dedicated server so that you are the sole user of resources. 
  • Website Security: You can’t deny the fact that hackers and malicious users are more active on shared hosting servers. However, a dedicated server is a safe choice. Even if there is a malicious attack on your site, fixing the issue is easy. Also, relocating the problematic area is easy. Though chances are still there but very rare. Same is the case with dedicated servers. So it is good to make such an investment to run a site with high volume of traffic. It is self-paying in terms of upgradation in performance, customization and security.

Things to Check in a Dedicated Server

Planning to purchase a dedicated server? Always remember that choosing an appropriate plan is not easy if you are doing it for the first time. Consider the following options before choosing a dedicated server provider.

Some of the aspects which you need to consider are listed below:

  • Uptime Guarantee: Most of the hosting companies provide an uptime of at least 99.5%. In case a user visits your website for the first time only to find out that the website is not opening. This will not only hurt you from the business perspective, but will also give you huge losses if you keep on losing customers due to downtime. Using a reliable dedicated server which offers a minimum website uptime of 99.9% can solve this problem. Your users are always able to open the website at any time of the day.
  • Active Customer Support: If you are spending a hefty amount for a dedicated server, you must receive excellent quality customer support too. It means tech support should be available to you every time you need it. Your hosting provider should provide immediate assistance when you need it.
  • Security: It is not that dedicated servers will not be prone to hacker attacks. But still these servers are safe and secure compared with other shared servers. Always assure that your dedicated server provider provides you with malware protection, firewall configurations and other security features.
  • Customization: The biggest advantage of choosing a dedicated server is that it can be customized virtually in any way according to your needs. Just imagine if you have the option of choosing the operating system, add any custom software of your choice and applications and allocate memory space according to your wish. Sometimes, customization seems to be a big hindrance as many hosting services provide “private” servers which are actually shared by other users. 

Cost of Dedicated Server?

Do remember that a single solution fitting all requirements does not exist. The cost of dedicated server greatly depends upon the needs and requirements of your website.. Generally speaking, paying $80-100 per month as the cost of dedicated server is sufficient. The cost of dedicated server shouldn’t be more than that as it is sufficient for a mid-size business. 

As the prices go down, availability of resources also decreases. With the increase in price, more bandwidth and RAM becomes available to you. A dedicated server which satisfies your current requirements and grows with your growing business is the best for you. Search for a reliable company offering a reasonable price with a plethora of option plans. You can find reasonable dedicated server plans at Eltris.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers

An unmetered dedicated server is the ultimate solution when the website grows at a rapid pace. The data transfer will be heavy on your pocket when you go beyond the bandwidth allotted to your website. However, if you use the unmetered server, you will get unlimited data transfer for your website. Hence, it provides you a way to reduce your cost of dedicated server significantly.

Let us make you aware about this new concept and answer your queries in an effective way.

What are Unmetered Dedicated Servers?

There are two ways to charge users for data transfer. They either charge a fixed fee covering complete bandwidth usage or simply charge by the bandwidth used by the user.

In shared hosting, price is according to the bandwidth allocation for several websites sharing a single server. Hence, the data transfer will be divided among those servers. Hence, exceeding your limit can be a bad experience for others as they will get less bandwidth to use and decreased speed.

However, an unmetered server offers a dedicated connection for you. Also, the added advantages are top notch security and nominal downtime for the website.


Is your site growing at a rapid pace in recent times with your growing business? Are you facing performance issues? Then surely a dedicated hosting server is the solution for you. 

A dedicated server will provide you with excellent performance and guaranteed quality customer experience. With increased speed, decreased downtime, improved security and you being the sole user of your bandwidth opting for a dedicated server is a great decision. Look for great deals on dedicated servers with up to 50% off at Eltris hosting solutions.

RAM and Dedicated Servers: Boosting Your Server Speed

Let’s be clear about one thing that site speed is a crucial factor for those visiting your site. Apart from SEO and rankings, it is the users who get affected by the speed of your site. A high bounce rate and no real value addition can be the result of a slow loading site. This eventually affects social media sharing, user activity profile, links, etc. The results can be overwhelming and can cause a huge loss in ranking after a few seconds of delay. Market is flooded with multiple options of RAM hardware for your dedicated server, choosing the correct one takes a lot of effort.

So, the questions which arises are:

  • How much server RAM do you require? 
  • Which CPU is best for you? 
  • Do you need a remote KVM for accessing your system? 

Not to forget the actual amount of RAM required by you in a dedicated server. All these parameters make your decision more tough. It’s an old adage to add as much RAM as possible for quick performance in a dedicated server. But how much is going to be enough that has to be decided. As server RAM upgrades are never offered for free, always check your needs and budget before opting for any RAM in a dedicated server.

RAM and Performance in Dedicated Server

Let’s begin with the thought of how RAM actually affects a server’s performance. In short, it acts like a buffer memory, storing data obtained from the hard drive for quick access. It “forgets” the older memory and obtains the new data from the drive as soon as other data is needed. You need it to have the CPU access the hard drive during this process. This creates a lag while locating the data on the hard drive. It also increases the computing power of the CPU.

If data is fetched directly from RAM, then the execution becomes faster in a dedicated server. The pace of things increases as more RAM reduces the access time of the server from the hard drive.

How Does a Dedicated Server Increase Site speed?

If you need hosting for a single website, you might rent a specific space, say, 1 gigabyte from a server that might be hosting  hundreds of other websites.

These additional websites eat up bandwidth, memory and disk space. For attaining high profits and business growth, the owner of the site would allocate limits to each site for smooth functioning of all the websites. 

The server offers you unseen sanction. You get a limited disk space, bandwidth and processing memory. Though it is perfectly fine when you are starting out your business, but in the growing phase it is going to hinder your performance. In the long run you can’t just settle for less, you need to boost your performance and functionality. Hence, the answer to all your needs is a dedicated server for running your website at optimum speed. This will also include more bandwidth, more space and more memory.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

The question remains still unanswered as to how much RAM you actually need in a dedicated server. You must know the balance between your budget, actual needs and performance needed. Always consider performance with the amount of RAM the system has.

Operating System

The choice of operating system plays an important role in deciding the amount of RAM you require. The operating system provides the software based upon which all other elements of hardware will work.  Most modern operating systems have minimum RAM requirements. These operating systems have been tried and tested. They can operate at highest efficiency with minimum hardware specifications. This helps you in deciding the minimum amount of RAM in a dedicated server.

Content Management System

It is not necessary that every dedicated server will be using a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, or WordPress. But if your system is using it then your RAM requirements are definitely more than the one not using it. As the CMS uses RAM while operating, it will increase your RAM needs further to perform other functions on the same server. There is no rule as such for adding RAM depending upon your choice of CMS. 

Control Panel

A control panel will need some memory assets for its operation. Many users skip a control panel to save memory drain and performance. Yet you need these programs for specific operations such as hosting multiple clients from a single server.

Static or Dynamic Content

A dedicated server hosting using a lot of dynamic content will require more RAM. Instead, a set-it-and-forget-it operation will definitely decrease your memory requirements.


Applications such as firewall, email and anti-virus utilize considerable space in the memory of dedicated servers as they are stacked on top of operating systems. Thus, it increases your Ram requirements.


As the website traffic increases, you need more RAM to load pages for serving more users. It is one of the biggest determining factors for RAM usage. The greater the number of users, the requirements of RAM increases manifold.


This feature definitely reduces your system’s memory requirements if you are using an appropriate set up. If your cache configuration is proper and using a proxy server, it will surely reduce RAM usage and improve system performance. This option has benefitted many dedicated server operators. It is ideal for static sites. However, always compare the cost of RAM against your budget and maintain a balance between the two. Caching increases your expenses so be careful before choosing. Sometimes, it is well suitable for both cache and additional RAM requirements.

Conclusion: RAM in Dedicated Server

It is evident that your dedicated server’s performance will decide how much RAM will be suited for you in a dedicated server. While choosing a RAM is more dependent on your financial budget and not too much on performance perspective. So, a balance has to be there between your financial situation and the performance you expect. Always choose the optimum solution satisfying your needs.

If you are still in confusion, please go through dedicated server options, visit Eltris Dedicated Servers page and choose the one which suits you best.

Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting: Things to Consider

Though upgrading to dedicated server hosting seems a good idea but you must consider following questions before opting? Where you want to place your data centre? Where are you going to use the server?  How will you decide if dedicated server hosting is correct for you? These answers will need your immediate response. This article will let you know the importance of data centre location, uses of upgrading to dedicated server hosting and aspects to consider while upgrading hosting.

Who should consider Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting

Let me present you with some use cases for those upgrading to dedicated server hosting.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the most frequent use of dedicated servers. Dedicated servers attract the audience to your website more quickly because of high load speed. Compared with lesser website hosting plans like VPS hosting and shared hosting, a dedicated server offers high-performance, speed and stability.

Data Syncing

A dedicated server allows you to upload files which can be accessed by each device connected to it. It is done via a cloud network, but files are more secure compared to VPNs as only specific devices can be connected to the server. While Data Syncing allows files to be stored for future use (almost like a cabinet) a VPN is used to connect computers.

Game Server Hosting

A dedicated server hosts a multiplayer game, both for beginners as well as a professional gamer. It allows for 24/7 uptime and participation from international friends. Also, your friends can join even when you leave the game.

Communication Services

Sending an email allows it to be intercepted over the internet. A dedicated server can regulate sending and receiving of messages via networked devices. With a dedicated server, you can send Internet Relay Chat messages, encrypt them and keep them away from the public eye.

If you don’t want your employees to use their work email for personal matters then a dedicated server is the solution. You can protect yourself from email virus and malware using a Dedicated server.

Importance of Data Centre Location while Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting

With the advent of high internet speeds and modern servers the importance of geographical location seems unimportant. Even with high-speed internet, you may experience a lag where information exchange is more such as mobile apps.

If the users of data are in far flung areas, then placing servers in multiple locations is a good idea. When the data is kept on dedicated servers in distant locations, then the risk involved in managing data also reduces manifold. Suppose one server is down due to natural calamity or power shortage, then another one can fulfil its function.

Hence, upgrading to dedicated server hosting is useful. 

Where are Your Users?

Would it be better to have servers in multiple locations? Or, does having one, ideally located server better suits your needs and is also budget friendly. All this depends on operating requirements and budget involved in your decision. Will you choose high end specifications, or go for solid entry or mid-range servers situated in multiple locations?

The answers lie into your intended use of the dedicated server. For example, a mail server should run close to the group of users who will access it. On the contrary, a mail server will not use top-level hardware. This results in purchasing hosting for two or more such servers located on different coasts. This results in reduction of lag time and increase in delivery speed. In fact, the results are far better than higher-end hardware situated in a distant Data Centre. To increase backup redundancy for security, multiple server locations are well suited. This also helps in avoiding down time when one server shows up failure.

Alternatively, mobile app infrastructure uses servers closely located to their user base. Eltris Dedicated Servers now offers Data Centres located in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Washington DC. All these Data Centres suit most operational needs.

Is Upgrading to Dedicated Server Hosting Right For You?

It’s never late for any business to upgrading to dedicated server hosting. In fact, the advantages are manifold. But before making any decision it is important to find the correct platform for your needs and to do basic research. Some advantages of dedicated server hosting are:

Hardware Maintenance

Just like software, a physical server also needs regular maintenance along with repair and regular updating. We simply depend on tech support to fix our problem when the server crashes. But, upgrading to dedicated server hosting, enables good working of your physical server offering a high uptime. This simply means that your website will be back online as quickly as possible even if it crashes.

Software Updates

Dedicated server hosting allows you to quit all worries of regular updating of software. Software companies issue regular updates and patches to repair loopholes in your website. Some of these vulnerabilities could present a great opportunity for hackers to steal your data or crash your system. But upgrading to dedicated server hosting helps you to run all these updates upgrading your website to most current software.

Web Traffic

Traffic spikes lead to a bottleneck effect that slows down speed of your website making loading of pages harder. The ideal load time for your website is 1 to 2 seconds. It drives your visitors away making them think that something is wrong with the site. Dedicated servers are often monitored to ensure proper handling of traffic spikes without major problems taking place with your website.

Data Protection

Imagine that your server crashes taking with it every single file and customer data on your website that has been preserved over years. When you are upgrading to dedicated server hosting, you will get regular back-ups and instant restoring of data. So, all your worries vanish instantly.

Technical Support

Last but not the least, a dedicated server will be cost effective in the long run. This is because you won’t have to hire a full time IT personnel for website maintenance. Instead, upgrading to dedicated server hosting will provide you with 24/7 automatic tech support.


Hacking is an issue of big concern for every website owner. Shared server leads to compromise of security as other sites are using the same server. However, with a dedicated server, you are the one who is using the server. Therefore, you will definitely know that your site is regularly scanned for viruses or not. Also, the site will get protection from DDoS attacks.


With this plethora of information, hopefully you will get an insight into deciding whether or not upgrading to dedicated server hosting is correct for you. Dedicated server hosting is a powerful tool to enhance your web hosting experience. The tools and options provided by it are far better than any other type of hosting solution available.

Are you ready to purchase? A new customer discount is always available. Claim your deal  and experience superior performance of dedicated server with the best Eltris Dedicated Servers.

Why Secure Hosting is a must for any business

It is worth noting that the security risks involved with any hosting is taken care of by the hosting provider itself. But what if the security is not tight enough? It leads to data leakage or information stolen by hackers. Therefore, secure hosting is a must for any business. It’s not just large websites that are at risk of these threats; small businesses are equally vulnerable. Always raise your security standards to protect your business from security risks.

Now the question is how to separate the growing sales hype from the real security risks? It is well known nowadays that cyber criminals hack into websites and pose a serious threat to start-ups and growing businesses. The risk involved in the security increases as the internet traffic grows on your website. It presents ample opportunities to the hackers to steal your information and misuse it.

Therefore, choosing the best hosting provider according to your business is critical in safeguarding your website from malicious attempts. Though it needs extensive research and is not that easy as some providers use old outdated servers and provide poor maintenance. So, you need to be sure that the hosting provider you are selecting has high security standards. For example, Eltris offers top-class security for your business hosting.

Now let us understand more about secure hosting.

Why You Need Secure Hosting

Nowadays, it is essential to have a safe hosting provider to keep your data safe from malicious attempts and frauds, and to increase uptime of your server. The internet world is flooded with unethical practices done by spammers like spamming and phishing. Therefore, it becomes even more important to choose a hosting service provider who keeps your interests in mind.

You should always consider a few features while selecting a hosting service provider for your business. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Six Essential Features of Secure Hosting Plans

Doing research before choosing is vital in deciding a secure hosting solution. Below mentioned features will help you to ensure that you find the best secured hosting provider.


Claiming 100% uptime is a common scenario which is not true in most cases. Uptime represents the time your website doesn’t go offline without affecting your clients stay.  Dedicated server hosting is the only hosting solution that gives an uptime of nearly 100%. It is very secure and provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Therefore, if it suits your needs then choose a secured web hosting provider with an uptime of at least 99.9% or more. The closer it is to 100%, the better for you. But if your site has less visitors or you are in your growing phase then brief shortages are okay. Try to search for web hosts which offer reimbursement for your downtime. 

Secured Data Centres

Try to give preference to the location of the areas of your web service provider especially those which are not prone to natural disasters. Natural calamities are not in our hands hence earthquakes, cyclones and power failures can affect your safety and integrity of data. Choose a service provider offering generator sets and secured protection measures.

Data BackUp

Backup of your data lets you restore the latest version of your website in emergency cases or when the server goes down. Generally, the updates are weekly, daily and monthly. Many companies offer data backup but ideally daily backups are the best. There is also the option of manual backup, which makes you update your site whenever you want. Read all the offered pre requisites before opting for any web hosting solution. 

Please check the list before committing to any secured hosting provider:

  • Are the backups automated or manual?
  • How many backups are stored?
  • What are the costs involved with the backup process?
  • Is the backup process spontaneous?

Also, if you are using WordPress, opt for the WordPress plugin that will automatically provide backup for your website. Reboot where you left it if anything goes out wrong.

Top-Level Domain Names

Picking a website domain name is vital for the safety of your website. Newer TLDs like  .men, .click, .work are some of the most riskiest options to consider. TLDs like .com, .net, and .org are quite popular and are safe to use. But if you are opting for a newer TLD then research beforehand to ensure the safety of the domain name.

Manual Reboot for Secure Hosting

Manual reboot is a service that comes with a dedicated hosting solution and VPN. It is important for making updates as it lets you use a control panel for restarting or rebooting your dedicated server. Try using manual reboot but if the problem persists then always contact the customer support. 24/7 customer service is offered by best hosting providers like Eltris to resolve your issues in no time.


A web host server with RAID pre-installed in it presents a good sign in front of you. It protects your system from spams and viruses entering your website. Though it may be expensive, it won’t be included in shared plans. Do extensive research and be ready to pay an extra fee for it as some hosts charge it that way.

Access and User Permissions

Use Secure Socket Shell (SSH) to maintain the operating system (OS) in your hosting. Only the trained professional technicians can have access to the physical server. 

Whitelist IPs are used to access the server for maintenance using a control panel. For extra security, use RSA keys. Only the authorized admins will have permission to login in the system. 

Disable logins from the root user folder. It is to avoid attacks for malicious users. Incorrect permissions lead to time-consuming errors, and in turn gives hackers full control of your system.

Secure Hosting: Last words of safety

In the end, let us give you last words of advice which will help you to choose secure hosting. Keep yourself updated by reading the reviews of every host who is offering the features you need. You can check the hosting provider reviews on online platforms before making a decision. Eltris is one of the best hosting providers with a rating of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot.

Also, look into the Clients per Server. Mostly these limits are not met, the fewer clients/server, the better it is for your site.

Never compromise on security especially if you are working on sensitive information of your clients. Keep your site as safe as possible for effective and smooth working of your project.

How to Protect Your Dedicated Server from Online Attacks?

Dedicated hosting server utilizes a hosting configuration where an individual server is used for hosting one single website. However, in case of shared hosting, the same server is used by many websites to keep them running. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to online attacks. But at the same time, if you haven’t configured your dedicated hosting server properly, it might also be vulnerable to online security attacks. You can host a dedicated server in-house or outside as well. So, how to protect your dedicated server from online attacks?

It is not incorrect to say that nowadays customers are shifting their focus from shared hosting to dedicated server solutions. It is very much evident that security is the prime concern for customers owning or running any website. If you are not serious about the security feature of your server, it poses serious issues in effectively running the website. To get seamless service and high uptime, you need to have topmost security needs for your dedicated server. 

As a dedicated server is utilized by a single website, its security process needs to be assessed precisely. This process contains a variety of steps which need to be processed.

Let’s look at the security measures to improve security of your dedicated server.

How to Keep Dedicated Servers Safe From Online Malicious Attacks 

Security risk assessment involves a comprehensive strategy for risk assessment of your website. Different steps for the process are mentioned below:

  • Which assets need security and why.
  • It helps focus resources over areas to minimize security threats.
  • Multiple installations, setting up of tools and apps can risk website owners. This assessment brings transparency between practical and available security.
  • It focuses on the need for security and whether existing security has any loopholes in it.
  • To keep software systems protected and secure, users need to bear basic things in mind like keeping a tough password to crack, not sharing the password with others, and not clicking on any unknown email links.

Common Steps to Protect Your Dedicated Server

Remove Redundant Services from The Server

As soon as the customers make a default installation, it invites various unnecessary network services which may get configured on its own. Most of the time, these additional installations have led to compromise of security by various data centres. This hampers the dedicated server security and causes security breach attacks. A very simple solution is to turn off the non-essential services or add-ons from your configuration panel. You can disable them so that they do not cause any issues. It removes loopholes and boosts server performance. This will remove them automatically on the next reboot.

Never Combine Production and Testing Across the Similar Server

Generally, developers use the same server for developing and checking multiple applications. As these applications are in the early development stage, they lack acceptable verification and are prone to security breach. Therefore, it is not a good idea to do the testing on the production server directly. Keep limited access to public directories or even sub-directories. If development and testing happens on the dedicated server, related files and apps are at risk.

Discourage Remote Access If Possible

Sometimes it is suggested that administrators log in regionally but if remote access appears necessary make sure it is protected using security protocols and stringent tunnelling. To have advanced protection over dedicated servers, use the security tokens while remote access is given. Also, remote access can be enabled for a limited range of IP addresses to make sure that only the legitimate users are accessing it.

Schedule Regular Data Backups

Do you have a recent backup readily available if your server data is breached? This will help you to restore your site immediately in case anything goes wrong.

To protect your site from serious data breach keeping regular backups of your data proves to be the easiest and most effective step. Dedicated server hosting plans from Eltris provide automatic data backups as and when needed. For example, you can backup sites on a daily basis, while stationary data backup can be taken up every couple of weeks or in a month. The frequency of scheduling backup depends upon the space available to you.

As per a Global Data Risk Report in 2021, around 33% of the folders in any organization are public to every employee. That is a serious problem because there are high chances that any intern accidentally updates or deletes any important file without knowing himself. Therefore, having a backup is very important. 

Use Only Trusted Networks for Login

A very simple way to increase security on your dedicated server is to get aware about the networks you are using while logging in. Only login to your dedicated server hosting account using a trusted network. Never provide the username and password when you are using a public Wi-Fi network.

For example, using free Wi-Fi is very tempting but always remember all that glitters is not gold. Any hacker can easily steal your password if you are trying to login without having a secured internet access. So, always be careful while using the networks to login.

Grant Privileges and Permissions with Care

Customers and administrators should have minimum privileges throughout a selected network. A robust server monitoring strategy, network and permissions play key roles in dedicated server security. Take extra care in giving permission to any anonymous user. Only the authorized access should be given which is beneficial for the customer.  

Check for Security Updates and Patches

While receiving notifications for security updates, always take out time to install them as and when they become available. In fact, check them daily and enjoy peace of mind and ultimate protection from data breach. 

Always take out time to delete unnecessary files, applications or updates which are no longer in use. They help to fix breaches in software programs and removal of unnecessary files or applications. It not only streamlines your server but also frees up space for storing more important and useful data.

Looking Ahead – Protect Your Dedicated Server

By following all the common steps mentioned above, you are at zero risk of developing a security vulnerability which may put your site in danger. It keeps many security breaches at bay and helps you enhance your security standard manifold to protect your dedicated server.

It frees up resources no longer needed and helps in optimum utilization of space. What do you gain out of all this? You have faster speeds, i.e., page-loading speed, as many stagnant and useless files are freed up and information retrieval is fast and easy. This enhances speed, safety and performance to a great extent.

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