Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which One to Choose

It is an impossible task to choose from a plethora of web hosting solutions as per our requirements and pricing options. Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting is the dilemma every business faces one or the other day. One wrong decision can badly affect your business in the long run. So, make an informed decision to choose between shared hosting vs dedicated hosting after considering all the packages. Check all the features and choose the one which suits your needs and is best for your business. 

Let’s go through the intricacies of shared hosting vs dedicated hosting and which one to choose.


Shared hosting uses a common single server for multiple websites to run their businesses. It is one of the most sought-after hosting packages because of cost-effectiveness. Try to analyze with the example of a rented apartment where you are using all amenities of the society such as parking, playground, swimming pool etc. with every neighbor. This is nothing but shared hosting where amenities would be Disk space, RAM, CPU, and Operating system.

In dedicated hosting you don’t share your resources. You own everything from disk space to RAM to CPU usage. Every feature of the dedicated hosting is only for you. It is similar to owning your own house with no sharing of amenities.

Get to utilize all your resources for your own website only. This allows you to have the flexibility and power to configure your server, install software as per your needs, and completely manage the resources of your website yourself.

Dedicated hosting gives you administrative control of your server where you can customize everything.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name suggests, sharing of a physical server and all its resources such as CPU, memory usage, hard disk space and bandwidth with other users is known as shared hosting.

Each user has his own isolated virtual environment managed and controlled by the hosting provider. It also has limited options to customize according to your needs. The only good factor about shared hosting is that it is cost effective.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

  • Commonly used by small businesses because it is cost effective.
  • Best suited for websites experiencing low traffic.
  • Limited resources can be efficiently used by smaller websites through sharing.
  • Unlimited disk space to ease further expansion of business.

What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

  • The greatest disadvantage is limitation of sharing resources.
  • Restriction on usage of resources as multiple sites are running on the same server. Thus, it affects the overall speed of your business.
  • A peak in traffic will slow down your site and also affect the uptime.
  • Difficulty to run security updates on each website as multiple users are sharing the same disk space.
  • Server customization according to your needs is not possible at all. If done, it may also affect other sites in a completely different manner. Hence, shared hosting providers don’t allow customization.
  • You can only use the standard configuration option in shared hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting is all about using your own resources according to your requirements with greater control and management. You have unlimited resources without being shared with anyone else. There are a plethora of services and software to select from.

Choose a dedicated hosting depending on the type of business you are running. It is best in the following situations.

  • If you have a growing business with frequent product additions, then you need customization. So, you get complete control of your server to adapt to your growing needs.
  • Your website offers video streaming and high-quality photographs.
  • You want a separate and unique IP address for your business. 
  • Your business requires high level security features to tackle sensitive transactions. 

What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

  • Dedicated hosting provides a higher uptime even when your site has heavy traffic. 
  • 100% processing power as the resources are not shared. This improves Google rankings due to increased performance.
  • Dedicated hosting gives you root access to your server.
  • Your server is completely secure with improved flexibility and control. 
  • Increased reliability as you have root access and command in your hands.
  • Dedicated servers ensures security of your website.

What are the disadvantages of dedicated hosting?

  • Price is comparatively higher than shared hosting. 

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Various Business Scenarios

Planning for long term business expansion? The very first thing is to analyse your requirements in the coming years. Let us analyse various business scenarios and which is a better option for them.

Small Websites

If you have a small website with only a few visitors every month, you should go for shared hosting. For low traffic with limited loyal customers there is no need to go for dedicated hosting. You won’t need root access to customize your website. But, if you see any sharp increase in the number of users in the near future you can opt for a dedicated hosting solution.

Large e-Commerce business

Downtime is equivalent to less profit. Thus, loading time must be lightning fast along with quality customer support. Hence, higher uptime, reliable server and security are crucial for running your business. Dynamic content is also a must in e-commerce business. Therefore, customization happens on a regular basis.

So, dedicated hosting is the only solution offering a stable and highly custom platform for your online business. 

Hosting SaaS software

For a growing business providing subscription based software to multiple users, a high uptime is a must. Also, the resources have to be analyzed regularly if they need to be scaled up or not.

There must be an option of platform customization too. Go for a completely secure option for data security, like PCI DSS 2.0. The best option is to use dedicated hosting in this case.

Hospitals storing Health Data

Hospitals needs to store, transmit and acquire medical data of patients regularly. As the data is very personal, it needs to be 100% secured too. It also needs to be HIPAA compliant.

Therefore, in this case choose a dedicated hosting solution. 

Gaming Service and Video Streaming

Performance and bandwidth are critical in this business with a high traffic rate up to 10 Gbps. Even a time lag of a millisecond will make your customer unsatisfied with your service. Your sales and reputation will get overblown by poor quality streaming, time lag and slower response. Therefore, choosing a dedicated hosting solution is a must to compete with other similar businesses.

Purchase Dedicated Hosting from Eltris to get complete peace of mind regarding your business. You get highly secure, scalable and reliable dedicated servers from Eltris.

Conclusion: Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Choosing a correct package with the optimal speed, reliability and performance is crucial for your business. In our comparison of shared vs dedicated hosting, we found that shared hosting is a less expensive option for smaller websites with only a few hundred visitors every month.

Dedicated hosting offers flexibility, power and reliability to your business. Therefore, it is best for those having mid to large businesses with more than thousand visitors a month. Get in touch with dedicated hosting experts today and take your business to new heights.

Common Mistakes while Purchasing Dedicated Server

There is no doubt that dedicated servers are best for running an online business. But, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid while purchasing dedicated servers. There are plenty of dedicated server providers available in the market. Therefore, choosing dedicated servers can actually startle you and make your decision a difficult one. It indeed is a really difficult task and you might make mistakes while purchasing dedicated server. As an informed buyer you must focus on your requirements. This will help you in making the correct decision.

But you only need to focus on your requirement, and you will form the right decision. It might be the time when you want to switch to dedicated servers and get rid of shared hosting solutions. Dedicated servers empower you with more control and flexibility in running your business. Though choosing a good dedicated server is a daunting task hence it should be planned well in advance as the cost of dedicated servers is high.

Common Mistakes while purchasing Dedicated Server

Cost Management

You must be fully aware about every penny you are investing in buying a dedicated server. No doubt dedicated servers cost you higher but you should be aware about many additional costs which startle you later on while managing your server.  Back-up price, human resource cost, disaster recovery strategy expenditure and maintenance costs are some of the additional money you have to spend while managing the server.

In fact, the client comes to know about them quite later while handling the command and control of their server.

This is the biggest mistake committed by the users while buying a dedicated server.

So, beware of these maintenance costs. If servers are left unmanaged it may prove to be the greatest loophole. This is one of the first mistakes to be avoided while purchasing dedicated server.

You should:

  • Talk to the hosting provider about any additional costs.
  • Pen down all the costs associated with the dedicated server.
  • Always have the opinion of the experienced users who are already using a dedicated server for their business.

Security Threats

Never compromise with the security feature of the dedicated server. You must be aware about security measures taken by the hosting company. If you don’t care about the safety of your hosting server then you are making a big mistake.

Though websites are prone to online threats still don’t underestimate the threat associated with offline security. You must ask following questions to your hosting provider regarding the security of the dedicated server.

  • Access to the server backend is limited or not and by what number?
  • What are the strategic approaches of them in case of an emergency?
  • Do they maintain offsite back-ups? What are their policies regarding it?

Though hosting providers don’t provide security for offline threats, they could definitely help you in back-up recovery.

Business Requirement

Never be in a hurry to buy or upgrade hosting solutions. First go through your requirements before making any purchase. Just because you need more resources for your website doesn’t mean you should immediately shift to another hosting solution. 

Making a checklist is an excellent way to analyse your requirements before opting for a dedicated hosting provider. Here is a checklist for you.

  • Guaranteed higher Uptime
  • Management of bulky files
  • Secured and limited access to the servers
  • Disaster recovery policies
  • Security and safety against all the threats
  • Scalability
  • PCI Compliance
  • Easy and simple migration

With all this done, another mistake a dedicated server client makes is inability to calculate the sites/applications needs.  If possible, hire an experienced person to calculate the needs of your business project and then do load testing to finally analyse your requirements. 

How much data and bandwidth your site needs? 

What are the RAM requirements?

Sales page of a dedicated hosting provider can get you through these answers. But you need to tell your requirement for placing customized orders.

Problems associated with Permissions and Logins:

Clients tend to avoid creating tough passwords and strict user permissions or logins while buying a dedicated server host. I would recommend a few things to be implemented first.

  • Disabling root access logins
  • Setting a safe and tough password
  • Provide only limited file permissions
  • Easy to guess passwords will provide hackers a chance to attack your server space.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of dedicated hosting. This technical support can cost them more than they think. Ignorance of technical support just for the low cost offered by dedicated servers is a common mistake while purchasing dedicated servers. 

Customer support will charge hourly for technical support if it is not covered in your basic hosting plan. They charge exorbitantly for it. So, opt for a dedicated hosting provider who promises you quality technical support without charging any extra fees.

Waiting endless for resolving the issues when they arise is of no use and ultimately it will affect your business.

Avoid cheap servers as many times the staff is less trained and skilled in solving more complex issues. Hence, always go for a quality technical service even if you have to pay little more.

Dedicated servers by Eltris offers unmatched reliable servers and technical support. The customer support will set up the dedicated server free of charge.

Learning Curve

Never make the mistake of deploying your business project on the dedicated server as soon as you purchased it. Always simulate the functions of the dedicated server on a dummy set up before actually doing the live testing. This way you will get to know the pros and cons and give you a learning experience.

It will also make you aware about real time issues and any technical failures. This will help you in troubleshooting the issues and changing or upgrading them according to your needs.


As a beginner you may make mistakes while purchasing dedicated server. Therefore, an informed and well analyzed dedicated hosting solution will fetch you a good deal. Take an informed decision to steer clear of the mistakes other people make while purchasing dedicated server. 

Looking for best dedicated servers? Reach out to Eltris now if you have any questions.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Do you want to take your business to greater heights? Well, then you must decide on the best dedicated server for hosting your web application. But why settle down with a dedicated web server? A dedicated web server is quick, safe and has the best combination of software tools to guide you in achieving greater heights in your business. If you want better control and proper management of your business then opting for dedicated server hosting is a great idea. Also, as you don’t need to maintain the server, hence it ensures low costs. This is because you don’t have to purchase it on your own. So, let us guide you with some useful tips to choose your dedicated server provider and the advantages of using a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are quite popular for personal as well as business companies due to their multiple benefits which we are going to discuss here.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server

Security and great performance

Dedicated servers are far more secure than any other server as they avoid sharing your space with any other potential spam or malicious application. There is a huge effect on the SERPs of websites due to shared servers as they can blacklist the IP address of the server. This in turn affects the websites using that IP address.

Stability and reliability of dedicated servers are more compared with shared hosting. As most of the websites are unaware that they are sharing the IP addresses with other sites which may be malicious, hence it becomes almost impossible for them to protect their data.

Dedicated servers improve security. This is especially useful for companies where transactions happen mostly over SSL or FTP. Moreover, to resolve your complaints, 24*7 support is available from the dedicated server providers ensuring a low downtime. 

No sharing of Server Resources 

Dedicated server means your bandwidth belongs to you. It can’t be used by anyone else. There is no chance of slowing down as others can’t use your space for running their applications. Hence, it won’t clog your server’s RAM or CPU as the resources of your server belong to you only and nobody else.

Space is surely an essential component as far as web hosting is concerned. But it does include the CPU and RAM of the server. This enables your server to prevent downtime even during peak traffic hours. So, it can be inferred that using shared hosting is suitable for low traffic sites. But in the case of mid and high traffic sites, dedicated servers are a must to have a smooth business operation.

Complete Control

The biggest advantage of a dedicated server is that you get complete control over your website. You are free to take an informed decision about which applications and tools you would like to deploy on your website.

In case of a shared server, complete control over the website is maintained by the service providers as multiple websites are using the same server. This is completely avoidable in case of dedicated hosting solutions.

Use of a dedicated server enables its user complete administrative control over the server where a user can customize it according to his requirements. He can act before any problem affects the website by direct installation and close monitoring of programmes.

Access to a Unique IP Address

The IP address of a server denotes its unique identity and location of the server. If multiple websites are using the same server, they own the same IP address which means sharing of spam sites and lowering of search engine results pages or SERPs.

But it is completely avoided in case of dedicated hosting as the server has its own unique IP address. Sharing of resources is not possible with any other site. For example, an e-commerce company involving credit cards transactions must have a unique IP address ensuring safety of clients as well as website.

Low percentage of downtime

Though it is impossible to have an 100% uptime but it can be chosen close to 99.9% by using dedicated servers. This 0.1% downtime can be easily chosen by the website owners as their maintenance time.

Shared hosting doesn’t allow its users any say over downtime maintenance but it is easier to opt for this solution in case of dedicated hosting.

Websites selling goods need to maintain a high uptime otherwise they will lose their customers. This will in turn affect the total sales. So, they need dedicated servers with high uptime.


A dedicated server fits the requirement of a customizable environment where a user can choose his CPU, software, disk space and RAM. This makes dedicated servers flexible and reliable.

Users have full control over choosing software according to their needs, how much memory a task should be using, installing an operating system which suits your needs.

Dedicated servers provide you fixed IP addresses with higher costs. But the deal is worth it. Therefore, many DNS issues clear up automatically. You can choose CPU usage for your applications by installing a database server.

Conclusion: Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Though shared hosting comes online at cheaper rates but the advantages of using a dedicated server hosting are far more. There is no chance of a data breach or malicious websites blacklisting your IP address because you have your own unique IP address allocated. No other site can access your dedicated server as it is completely under your control.

There are numerous advantages of using a dedicated server. They are best suitable for websites having mid to heavy traffic to avoid downtime. Websites observing mid to heavy traffic should have better security, reliability and customization. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before choosing a dedicated hosting provider.

Hence, choose a dedicated server from Eltris as per your needs so that you may utilize the business opportunities and take your business to achieve greater heights. Eltris provides wide range of reliable dedicated servers for your business.

What to Consider When Choosing Dedicated Server Provider

There are plenty of dedicated server options available in the market. Companies try to lure customers by compromising on essential features of dedicated servers and offering them cheaper rates. Full control, security and performance are three factors which should be kept in mind while choosing dedicated server provider. While shared hosting involves risk of data breach as multiple users share a common server. This hampers the security feature.

Neither you can be sure that all hosting solutions are using dedicated servers nor all dedicated servers are completely similar. Though it is impossible to check important business features on your own, try choosing dedicated server provider using the best technology. To run your business in a better manner you must be aware about how technology can shape your business going forward.

Dedicated server is completely an individual’s physical server as it is used by only your website and provides secured access. It helps you configure according to your needs and protects the user from data breach through other users. 

Key Factors while choosing dedicated server provider

Operating System

While choosing a dedicated server provider, you must choose an OS which suits your business requirements. Design your applications according to the type of system you are using i.e. Linux or Windows. Also, look whether the software running an application is in accordance with the existing OS or not. 

Hardware Choice- A Costly affair

Dedicated servers are quite costly, so always go for multiple options before selecting hardware for your business. Choose hardware which can increase the performance of the application without making users pay any extra penny.

More choices for hardware give your business capabilities to adapt to any business opportunity. For enhancing speed, many CPU models are available offering a variety of cores.

Size of RAM and capacity of hard disk also matters while choosing dedicated server provider. Ultimately it affects bandwidth and speed. Assessment of Hardware specifications of the dedicated server is must to enhance your website’s performance. If a downtime of fifteen minutes does not have any effect on the operating system of the server then upgradation of CPU can be done. 

Control Panel Options

Control panels help in effective running of applications of business system functions. Though stock control is sufficient to operate across the system but if your business needs more demand, then you can opt for WHM and cPanel operating control panels across the Linux servers.

The Plesk control software can run on both Windows as well as Linux servers that helps in future growth of your business.

Stable Security Features

Data breach and risk of safety can lead to damaging your business opportunities and can invite legal action from the customer. If the server systems working across IT business operations go offline, then you might be at risk of data breach.

Be careful while choosing dedicated server provider as the security factors must be considered your top priority. You can run out of business within 6 months of data breach in your organization. 

Location and physical security are two important factors for choosing a dedicated server provider. Considering application and website security, malware protection, firewalls, DDoS protection is necessary while choosing a dedicated server provider.

Eltris provides an extensive range of dedicated servers with high security.

Server Management

Compatible and easy server management are must before opting for a dedicated server. Application installation, system updates and monitoring of a dedicated server can be well taken care of for a long time. 

It will help you with enhanced business performance and resolving and handling of all the customer queries. 

RAM Requirements

RAM plays a key role in deciding which dedicated server you should go for. With extended RAM requirements in future this becomes more important. RAID1 hard disk configuration is good for data security and accommodation of desired drives. Capacity of a hard disk depends on the type of chassis.

IBM, Dell and HP are big names as far as best hardware components need to be selected for your business. Never compromise on hardware for choosing a cost effective dedicated server.

Backup Service

Dedicated server helps to cope with disaster scenarios backup services. A good dedicated server will give you a perfect combination of storage and backup in case anything fails.

Customer support

Quality of hardware components are a must while looking for good customer support. Technical assistance has to match along with cost effectiveness. Uptime should be 99.99 percent or more while considering quality support services. Technical support tells you about proficiency of the technical team and how well they can handle business tasks and troubleshoot your issues.

Fixing of issues should be done even if your server is down. 24/7 support on email as well as phone support should be available. Automated handling of common issues and problems can be achieved by a specialized IT team. Always go for dedicated server hosts providing support via multiple channels such as email, chat and phone.

Conclusion: Choosing Dedicated Server Provider

Hence, it can be observed that high performance and greater resource availability addressing your growing business requirements are key factors to be considered while choosing a dedicated server host. To improve performance of your business, choose a host who provides you with better data security, desired hardware system, better server management with extensive control panels.

If you want to give only administrator level access then dedicated server should be your choice. Hence, dedicated servers are the best choice to host business solutions with better data storage solution for seamless performance of your business. Get reliable dedicated servers from Eltris today and get the best results for your business.

Business Benefits of Dedicated Servers for a Website

It takes extra effort to make your company’s online presence felt. You must be wondering how your own website is performing among so many online competitors? Most business owners are ignorant about the fact that they are sharing servers with innumerable other websites. Therefore, it is high time you realize the business benefits of dedicated servers. Are you looking forward to expanding your business? Be competitive as every effort counts.

All businesses use a wide range of possibilities for hosting their web application, mail server or website. The most widely used method is shared hosting. Here, a large number of websites use a single server to host their website. This leads to more downtime and also sharing of resources.

Whereas Dedicated hosting is the solution if you want to gain more control over the business. In dedicated hosting, a server is rented from a dedicated hosting provider by a client, and exclusively uses resources of that server. Dedicated servers give the RAM, CPU and disk space to their clients. This reduces the businesses upfront cost as the server is maintained and built by the provider. The business benefits of dedicated servers are numerous and we will discuss them in detail.

Though a dedicated server will cost you more, the benefits are worth it’s price as it provides the confidence to strive in the competitive world of ecommerce. Let us now check the business benefits of dedicated servers and why should use a dedicated server for your business.

Six Business Benefits of Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server, you can get exclusive returns from your business in the following ways:

1. Exclusive use of dedicated resources

The entire web server is exclusively yours by having a dedicated server. You get peak performance at peak business hours as now you have exclusive right on bandwidth, RAM, CPU and disk space requirements.

You don’t need to worry about the changes in bandwidth during peak hours and running of bad scripts on different websites. This leads to slowing down your server and eventually degrading customer experience. 

With dedicated servers other websites cannot slow down your application by clogging your CPU. Root access to the server is also an essential and exclusive feature of dedicated servers. Configuration of settings and installation of own software is possible. So, it is your prerogative how you use your dedicated plan to bring your business to top. 

You can choose any operating system to run your applications. Special server security measures can also be added by you. In short, you can run your business—in a flexible, secured, and exclusive way.

2. Flexible management of your start up business

A dedicated server takes care of your growing business requirements. Limited use of software, applications and operating systems already present on the server is provided if you opt for shared hosting. Hence, a client has to choose from limited resources and the idea of customization completely vanishes.

With growing demands, modifications in existing applications and settings can be achieved. It enhances your flexibility with the advent of new opportunities and changing markets arise or unexpected markets materialize.

A dedicated server also enhances backup, processing and storage space. Therefore, it provides users with a better experience and quicker page load time. This makes them feel back returning to your website later as well due to lightning speed.

3. Enhanced performance and improved reliability

With exclusive rights come better performance and reliability. A dedicated server reduces your chances of server crashes even during peak traffic hours.

Shared hosting is suitable only for low traffic whereas high traffic demands are addressed by dedicated servers. If your site uses videos and image displays, the dedicated server provides you with the required bandwidth you need. Google recommends that your page load time should be 2 seconds or less.

The dedicated server gives you optimum customer experience through improved speed and performance. A dedicated server protects you from any malicious codes present in any other site which may be sharing resources with you in case of shared web hosting.

It comes with a higher cost and is fairly less price to be paid if you are getting a high power, better storage, and bandwidth by using dedicated web hosting. With no upfront capital costs, a dedicated server provides a strong hold on the web. 

When you buy dedicated servers from a reliable company like Eltris, the IT support team is always there to provide you with technical assistance. Qualified technicians are always there to troubleshoot your queries.

4. Improved security through data separation

Dedicated servers give exclusive access to your business. With secured monitoring and firewalls, infrastructure improves manifolds. It improves security against malware and hacks. Dedicated hosting protects your sensitive data if using FTP or SSL protocols.

Secured firewalls, continuous network monitoring and exclusive access by hosts lets you freely and confidently concentrate on your business with increased industry demands.

As your data is exclusively yours and has nothing to do with other client’s data, this separation feature also prevents service attacks and helps you with easy and fast recovery from backend exploitation.

Running of your applications by customizing security and access control is another feature of dedicated servers. Improving levels of security manifold protecting business data and customers.

5. No capital or upfront expense

You may need capital reserve for diverse areas of your business so reducing upfront capital expenses is the need of the hour. Dedicated hosting providers charge you with reasonable fees to equip you with top of the line equipment.

This reduces overhead costs for purchasing new equipment. Therefore, it is a low cost affair to access resources of a full time dedicated server. A dedicated hosting provider serves multiple clients. The service cost paid by you is nothing compared with the advantages of physical security and technical support.

6. Unique IP address

If you are using shared hosting it means sharing of a common IP address with many other websites. This eliminates the feature of unique IP addresses. This may pull down your ranking if the shared website is a spam or malicious site.

Hence, you can completely get rid of this by using a dedicated server providing you with a unique IP address. This really makes you stand among the crowd of e-commerce businesses if you are providing credit card transactions utilizing SSL. Hence, sites dealing with heavy traffic, can customize according to their needs by using a dedicated hosting provider.


Now since you have understood the business benefits of dedicated servers, using a dedicated hosting provider is the solution to all your business needs. You can choose between shared or dedicated hosting depending on your budget and needs. Let us guide you how much a dedicated server costs? The answer will depend upon

  • the bandwidth requirement
  • computing power you need
  • how much backup and secure data storage you need

You can choose from a wide range of dedicated servers available on Eltris with different RAM and storage needs.

Why Choose Dedicated Servers Over Cloud Servers?

If you are running a website for your business or planning to launch your website, the only thing you should worry about is the uptime. A reliable uptime with lightning fast speed is a must to have a successful online business. Two types of servers are available in the market i.e. dedicated servers and cloud hosting. Choosing the right one for your business is very important. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated servers are a better choice for starting a new online business as you get independent physical server and resources. Let us see how dedicated servers are better than cloud servers.

Every online business model is different and choosing the best web host is not an easy task. Even a slight delay of 1 second for the page response time will make you lose 7% of your valuable customers and conversions. Even Google has included page speed as the SEO factor while ranking sites on its search engine. Let us check more about dedicated servers and cloud servers.

Dedicated servers

It is a physical server which is purchased independently. Only your business will use the server and no other website will share your resources. In conventional servers, shared servers were used to host multiple websites. Dedicated servers are used by companies which require high level of security, 100% uptime guarantee, and high server capacity.

When you are not sharing the server space with others, all your data is securely present and stored exclusively for your use. It requires regular maintenance and patches to keep your data secure.

Cloud server

The cloud server hosts your website on a virtual environment and not on physical hardware dedicated for your use only. Multiple servers comes together to provide the resources and storage space for your website. This virtual environment is managed by the cloud service provider.

You can increase or decrease the resources as per your needs and requirements in a cloud server. Therefore, you pay only for what you use. Unlike a dedicated server, your website won’t be saved at a physical server. AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean are some of the examples of Cloud servers.

Now let us see why dedicated servers are better than cloud servers.


Dedicated servers perform much better than cloud servers. The level of performance given by a dedicated server can’t be matched by the cloud server. Dedicated servers provide fast data processing and information retrieval. Since all the data is processed locally, you won’t find any lag while the functions are getting performed.

Cloud servers have to pass through the SAN for accessing the data. Then the request also needs to pass through the hypervisor. This extra time adds a certain amount of latency that is not possible to be reduced. Hence, the performance is lower than dedicated server.

Another let down from cloud servers is that the underlying storage and network gets shared between multiple websites. This results in frequent I/O errors. Also, if you want to send huge amount of data to the storage space, you will experience slow network issues in cloud servers. This is because the cloud servers offer higher storage but not fast storage.

Companies looking for CPU intensive load balance features always prefer dedicated servers. This is because dedicated server is entirely reserved for a single website. Therefore, there are no queue requests.

Therefore, dedicated server will always offer a much better experience and positive results than the cloud servers.


This is a major difference between dedicated server and cloud server. You don’t have the authority to check the server’s performance in a cloud server. If there is a bottleneck which is affecting the performance of your website, you can only check the same in a dedicated server but not in a cloud server. Thus, you are relying 100% on the cloud service provider to figure out the issue and fix it.

Dedicated server doesn’t share any resources and thus do not have any underlying hardware issues. Comparatively, cloud servers are more prone to similar glitches.


Nodes used in the dedicates servers are more reliable than cloud servers. In case of cloud servers, the computer node performs all the tasks. If that node fails, the entire workload will fail. It is a complicated thing to set up, maintain, and monitor.


Dedicated servers provide 100% security and it is nearly impossible for a hacker to breach the security set up of a dedicates server. Cloud servers are provide good security but not as much as dedicated servers.


You have full control to customize the dedicated server as per your needs and requirements. But in the case of cloud servers, you have to select predefined packages and can’t customize them.

Conclusion: Dedicated servers are better

Now you must have realized that dedicated servers are better than cloud servers. Businesses can easily customize the dedicated servers and they are the most powerful machines available in the IT industry.

You can easily purchase a dedicated server from Eltris at reasonable price and fastest speed. Choose from brands such as HP, Dell, IBM, Huawei, and Supermicro. You can also select the region of your choice from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Also get 24 hour free setup and the lowest price guarantee.

You can contact the support team for more details.  

What is a Dedicated Server?

Are you planning to start a new blog, app or website for your business? Everything is going digital these days and there is neck to neck competition when it comes to online business. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, makes $2,537 per second; all thanks to the Amazon app. But this is not an easy task if you rely on shared hosting alone. Now, the first thing you need to know is how and where to host your site. Do you know what is a dedicated server? Why should you use one? Let’s find out.

While selecting the host site, there are mainly two types of servers; they are dedicated servers and shared servers. While a shared server is being shared by a lot of web clients,  however, with a dedicated server, you are the exclusive owner of the dedicated server whose website is going to get hosted on that particular server. This has many advantages. We will discuss it in the coming section. But first, let’s understand more about dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In a dedicated server, the physical server gets dedicated to only one individual website or app. Therefore, you get full control over the machine. This has a lot of benefits including optimizing it as per your own needs and requirements. It has high-end security and provides top-notch performance for the loading speed of your website. Moreover, the dedicated hosting provider will give you the physical server to host your site, 24/7 technical support, the associated servers you need, and end-to-end configuration till your website gets live.

Dedicated hosting is best suited for mid-size and large organizations having lots of daily traffic. This includes retail, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, IT, and Supply chain business. You will get a complete end to end control to configure the server as per your needs. Dedicated hosting can be purchased in managed or unmanaged mode.

The difference between the two is that dedicated managed servers are a little expensive. The higher price is due to various factors like bandwidth, RAM, storage space, and more. Moreover, the software packages used to run the physical server have an additional cost associated with them.

Dedicated Server Hardware

Dedicated server is nothing but your personal computer that has memory, network hardware, processor, storage, and serial buses to connect all the components with each other. Although the dedicated servers do not resemble a simple computer. Their components look different and they have enterprise-grade hardware that is more reliable and less prone to failures. 

Let’s take a look at some of the examples. 

  1. Dedicated Server RAM

ECC RAM is used by Enterprise-level servers as they are more reliable than simple RAM. ECC RAM has special hardware designed to protect the server and avoid any data corruption. It protects the server from electrical interference, cosmic rays, and other vulnerabilities. It also detects and corrects any configuration issues.

Every business requires a dedicated server that is reliable and has the ability to handle critical applications. This is why most businesses prefer Eltris for dedicated servers as it has been in business since 2001 and have the fastest data centres in Europe. Their dedicated servers are always up and running.

  1. Processors

They are the most powerful processors for any business. Manufacturers make processors that are ideal for servers requiring scalability, speed, and reliability. With a top-notch dedicated server having 40 processor cores, you can easily handle high amounts of data without any lag.

  1. Rack Mounted Servers

Rack-mounted servers are prepared to be mounted on data center racks which require very less space and offer the best cooling for equipment generating lots of heat. All the components are designed in such a manner that the data speed is lightning fast. As dedicated servers come with premier hosting, they give more bandwidth than the normal servers.

If you are looking for reliability and performance for your online business, nothing is better than using a dedicated server.

Do You Really Need a Dedicated Server?

Now you have understood what a dedicated server is. It’s high time now to find out if you actually need a dedicated server or not for your business. Here are the scenarios that will help you to come out of this dilemma and take a decision.

  • Website with high traffic

If your website has high traffic, you should definitely host your website on a dedicated server without any second thoughts. As your website requires more resources, there is no point in sharing the load with other sites and slowing down your site. You should upgrade to a powerful dedicated server instead of scaling out across low servers. It is easy and requires less configuration than having a cluster of small servers.

  • Multiple Websites

Web hosting service providers and companies offering web hosting base their services on dedicated servers. As a matter of fact, several smaller web hosting companies build the products on dedicated servers that are leased from companies. 

When you have a high-end dedicated server, it can support thousands of medium-size trafficked WordPress sites. 

Reasons to Use a Dedicated Server

  • Enhanced Security

The importance of security cannot be overstated, when it comes to online business, particularly if you are collecting sensitive data from visitors or selling things over the internet. Shared web hosting is susceptible to security breaches and security in the form of hacks, viruses, and other risks. 

However, with a dedicated server, you can enjoy optimal security for your website and all stored user information. 

  • Traffic Load and Server

The traffic volume of your website every day can have a significant impact on the website’s functionality. In case the site has at least a thousand visitors on a regular basis, a dedicated server is the best choice. When you have a high server load, it is better to switch to a dedicated server. It goes a long way towards fighting the problem. 

  • Page Load Time

Slow loading time can have a negative impact on the website’s performance. A majority of the visitors only wait 3 seconds for the page to load after that they just hit the back button. Page loading time plays a significant role in Google’s website traffic. Every server comes with its own specification and if you have several web hosting accounts sharing the same resources, it might be overwhelming for the CPU and RAM. Thus, it results in downtime and slow page loading time. You can easily avoid this by renting a dedicated server. 


Dedicated servers offer scalability, flexibility, and better management of your website growth. Choosing the best dedicated servers from Eltris will offer peak performance and reliability that improves your customer experience. The plans start from $599/year.